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Subject: mmt8 sucks! what else?

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Original Message                 Date: 11-Dec-02  @  06:51 PM   -   mmt8 sucks! what else?



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why anyone would continue to use this arcaic box of garbage is beyond me. yes, i'm bitter, i just started using one a couple months ago and last night i lost EVERYTHING! you can't even back your data up properly. recording pings onto a tape recorded or HD. what is that all about. sure, it was great 30 years ago maybe but there surely must be something better now right?

the main reason i started using it was so that i would not have to stop and start between tracks. i want to have a continuos non stop thing going on. can you do this on an mpc?

basically, this is what i want the sequencer to do:

1. controll midi
2. be able to play an entire set (at least 1 hour) without having to stop and start
3. it would be great to find one that could record onthe fly

any suggestions? i'd even consider a laptop if these ideas where worked out. please help!

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Message 31/33             20-Dec-02  @  09:08 PM   -   RE: mmt8 sucks! what else?


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well the EXE just has an expanded note capacity. maybe you dont need that?

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Message 32/33             30-Dec-02  @  07:23 PM   -   RE: mmt8 sucks! what else?


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I own a Kawai q-80exe that I bought from sweetwater a few years ago. I don't think they ever advertised it in their catalogues, but they may still have some. I love mine, but mainly use it for live gigs so I'm not sure about all it's bells and whistles. You can do live, step, and punch in recordings, and their site mentions:

"An entire "set" of songs can be programmed for instant access in the "Chain-Play" mode."

It's pretty rock solid and also retains all uploaded data even after powering down. The main complaint I read is the fact that only 8 channel mute buttons are available at once (you have to scroll down different rows to mute channels 9-32). Hope this helps.


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Message 33/33             31-Dec-02  @  07:47 PM   -   RE: mmt8 sucks! what else?


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The Data Disk should serve you well. Duo Electro has one which we keep mounted in the rack, and we've had to use it before a live gig at least once or twice. Static shocks tend to be what wipe out the mmt8 memory. Everyone I know who uses mmt8s, myself included, has experienced this initial wipeout and then they adopt a backup method, cos it's still a really good simple sequencer to use live.

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