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Category:  Products / studio monitors / active studio monitors

Added: 09-Mar-02  |  Author: admin

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DYNAUDIO BM6A active nearfield monitor - Applications for the BM 6A cover every aspect of sound engineering and reproduction, including music and speech monitoring and mixing, radio station, OB vehicles, edit suites, post production, recording studios and playback rooms.

Their small size combined with their brilliant performance also make them suitable for use as rear channel speakers in surround systems. In combination with the BM 14S it is also well suited for a full-blown 5.1 system in smaller rooms.

The BM 6A features an electronic 4th order phase-aligned crossover with a crossover point at 2.2kHz, which feeds two high performance discrete MOSFET amplifiers rated at 100W each.

The low frequency section is driven by a low frequency equalizer offering a choice between extended,critical damped response or more conventional higher Qt response for more level but less low frequency output. Included in the electronics is a complex protection circuit, which helps to prevent accidental damage to the drivers, yet still providing maximum transient response.

The BM 6A is housed with an elegant matte cabinet with radius edged construction on the front baffle to reduce boundary effects and improve overall sound quality.

Model BM 6A
System 2-way Active Nearfield Monitor

Frequency Response
(+/- 3 dB)
41 Hz - 21 kHz
Max SPL 1m, pair
(IEC Long Term)
118 dB RMS
Max SPL 2m, 5.1
(IEC Long Term)
119,5 dB RMS

Input level for 85 dB
SPL @ 1m (+4/-10)
-12 dBu RMS / -28 dBu RMS
Input level for max peak SPL (+4/-10) +16 dBu peak / -1 dBu peak
Power consumption Idle: 25 W / Max: 200 W

Amplifier power Tweeter: 100 W / Woofer: 100 W
Resonance Frequency 49 Hz
Internal Cabinet Volume 9,5 liters
Bass Principle Bass reflex
Crossover Frequencies 2200 Hz

Crossover Slope 24 dB/oct
Tweeter Esotec 28 mm soft dome, rear chamber, Magnetic fluid. 4 mm die-cast alu front,
Woofer 17 cm, 75 mm pure alu wire voice coil, One piece molded polypropylene cone
Weight 11 kg
Dimensions (WxHxL) 217 x 338 x 321 mm

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User Comments

Product:  DYNAUDIO - BM6A
Name: Peter Duminy (Loudspeaker Designer)
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Professional
Date: 23-May-05

I had heard about the Dynaudio BM6 2 way speaker systems from a number of colleagues who claimed that their accuracy and build quality is of the highest order. Upon first sight, they look rather plain, but with a very professional finish. For example the front baffle has no less than 10 hex machine bolts adding extra strength to the beautifully crafted cabinets. I could not resist taking a look inside one the enclosures, and I am glad I did. The crossover is very well made on a P.C. board, with Solen capacitors, 5% wirewound resistors, and air coils. Cabinet damping is a sight to behold, with thin bitumen pads glued to all side panels, 1” thick acoustical foam on all surfaces, and a good quantity of BAF wadding filling the remaining 60% of enclosure volume. This is one speaker that will not have a boomy bass! The tweeter and woofer drivers are superbly crafted with heavy duty frames, large magnets, and wired with high grade cables. The drivers are fitted to the front baffles with hex bolts and secured with “T” nuts from behind. I hardly ever see this level of engineering in this price point any longer.

The best part of these speakers of course is the sound, and these Dynaudios deliver. The bass is fast and deep, and is adjustable with supplied foam plugs for the rear ports. I found leaving them open in my room gave just the right amount of weight to the bass. The midrange and high frequencies are reproduced with amazing alacrity on every CD I could find. Midrange voicing is superb, with vocal textures being clearly audible. The tweeter has to be one the smoothest and best detailed in the business, and never disappointed with amazing levels of definition. Needless to say all this detail has a caveat, and that is unless the recording and equipment is of the highest order, the BM6’s will show defects without mercy. Forgiving they are not, but at being truthful, they will be an Engineer’s best friend. They are expensive, but then Dynaudio never designed them or manufactured them to be otherwise. I can heartily recommend the Dynaudio BM6s without reservation and use them on a daily basis in this Lab.

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Last added comment

Product:  DYNAUDIO - BM6A
Name: Nils
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Professional
Date: 24-Jun-06

Ive used these monitors for some time now, and they are alittler harder to use than the avarage monitors, like event 20/20. Ive done mixes using both event 20/20 and these monitors, and both mixes have translated "very good on the "normal" system. What i really like about the bm6a monitor is the punch of bottom and mid freq. Compared to event monitors, event sounded alittle blurry in the mid and the bottom often get alittle plastic, not so controlled. If you want a monitor that sounds good for along time(your ears), and also your in persuit of a monitor that translate what you hear into the normal system, the dynaudios are great, and you will not get dissapointed. If you only want to mix music and want a good translation, i would not buy these monitors. I would buy Event20/20. But if you want both good translation and
that little extra that make the finish on the mix. I would recommend that you buy bm6a. Also remember that the monitors will play crap if you mix crap, thats whats beutiful about these monitors they are 100% accurate. Regars Nils 24/06/2006

Product rating out of 5: 

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