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Synapse Audio Software Junglist


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Synapse Audio Software Junglist

Category:  Products / music software / software instruments

Added: 10-May-02  |  Author: admin

New price: $69  |   S/H price: Not listed

Synapse Audio Software Junglist

Junglist rocks... it's one of the best synths around with also one of the biggest personalities - when you get the demo installed you'll see what I mean, it has a very distinct sound - Junglist will let you get super sub-basses, searing filtered drum&bass/garage styles and much much more... one of the very best!... (11/10/02) now available in Mac format.

Checkout the the Oscillator select list - PLENTY of choices for your oscillators!!...

  • 2 oscillators with 32 preset waveforms
  • Saturation control for both oscillators
  • Ring Modulator
  • Multimode filter with 24 dB Lowpass, 24 dB Highpass types and Separation control
  • 2 pitch envelopes
  • ADSR filter envelope
  • ADSR amplitude envelope
  • LFO on pitch and/or filter
  • Glide function, can be switched between constant-rate and constant-time
  • Bass Fx section to create ultra-low basses
  • Complex Chorus section allows a wide range of delay, chorus, flange and spatialization effects
  • Distortion effect, low/high filter, and level for the master output
  • Supports both parameter automation and Cubase automation (MIDI CC)
  • Unison and Dual Voice Modes
  • FM Mode
  • Percussive Envelopes (for synthetic drums)
  • LFO/Chorus syncable to tempo
  • Velocity and aftertouch sensitive
  • Keyboard tracking for filter cutoff
  • 12 notes of polyphony

    well there it is, there is a demo you can use over at Sonic Syndicate's site under the Plugins menu.... There's no limitation for using it to stream & record created basslines etc, but once you hear the sound and start using Junglist, you'll want to get the resgistration so you can save those great sounds you've created... Playing this synth in realtime via a keyboard is pure joy as well!!

    any user comments ?... please add some props for this great soft..

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    'Synapse Audio Software Junglist'

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