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DashSynthesis JP9100


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DashSynthesis JP9100

Category:  Products / music software / software instruments

Added: 01-May-03  |  Author: admin

New price: $9.95 usd !!  |   S/H price: Not listed

DashSynthesis JP9100

'That' trance sound... Y'know the one, just calling it 'that trance sound' is enuff for you to know! - Well, rather than buy a Roland hardware synth, if you have REAKTOR 3 this super-cheap REAKTOR-ENSEMBLE from DashSynthesis will do the trick!

At $9.95 these synths from DashSynthesis offer superb value imo... I downloaded it after receiving my download link and password from DashSynthesis via email... I then copied it to the folder I wanted on my music PC over the network, opened REAKTOR, loaded the JP9100, and there it is!... all ready to trance-out to your hearts content!... (where's me glowsticks??!!)

Guaranteed 100% trance cheeze if you consider 'that sound' as 'cheeze' that is! - I was amazed!... ready to play for peanuts!! - Ok, you have to have REAKTOR 3, which isn't exactly cheap, but then with these sort of synths available from companies like DashSynthesis as well as the thousands of freebies from NI's extensive web-based registered-users library, Reaktor is actualy VERY good value!

Controller via hardware is of course simlicity with Reaktor's prtocol, simply right-click on any control and open the dialog-box to set your controller or use the learn function.... easy peasy!

Anyways, TOP MARKS to DashSynthesis for this baby!... I'd sorely love to try some of the others they do if they are as good as this one!!

Also the JP9100 comes with lots of other sounds, from atmospheric sweeps and pads to blips and basses... great... no.. it's better than great, it's superb value! - 10/10!!

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