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Added: 02-Aug-03  |  Author: admin

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Motu's new Mach Five sampler is compatible with pretty much every format making it ideal for commercial studio use as well as a creative tool in it's own right.... Sound pretty goiod from the spec's, so until we can get time to review it, here's the spec's & blurb from MOTU's site.... If anyones used this, please feel free to leave some user comments....


Intelligent file management
The most critical thing you need from a sampler is easy access to your sounds. MachFive™ offers unprecedented sound bank management, helping you concentrate on the music – not file handling chores on your hard disk. MachFive always remembers where your sounds are located, and it has been optimized for browsing and loading libraries. Even multi-gigabyte libraries are quickly and efficiently scanned.

The convenience of a true plug-in
At last: a sampler that is also a real plug-in. Save your project in your host software, and everything about MachFive is saved with it. Manage everything in the same environment. Optimize your time — and your computer’s CPU resources — and never leave your workstation software. MachFive’s single window allows you to view all editing and performance parameters in one glance with unprecedented speed and flexibility.

Collaborate across platforms
No other sampler can match the across-the-board compatibility and interoperability of MachFive. Because MachFive supports every major audio production platform on both Macintosh and Windows (MAS, VST, Audio Units, HTDM, RTAS and DXi), you can effortlessly move from one platform to another- or collaborate with colleagues who use different audio software. For example, you might write and track a project in Digital Performer or Logic,and then move to Pro Tools for mixing. Just save a MachFive performance in DP or Logic, load it into Pro Tools, along with your MIDI tracks, and youare ready to go. MachFive is the first truly universal software sampler.

Compatibility with all sample libraries
UVI-Xtract™, an import utility included with MachFive, allows you to audition and load programs and samples from every major sampler format: Akai™, SampleCell™, EXS24™ and even Gigasampler™. Legacy formats are also supported: insert your Kurzweil™, E-mu™ or Roland™ CD-ROMs and convert programs — or even the entire disc — in just a few clicks. MachFive helps you bring your sound library investment into the 21st century.

Flexible multi-timbral performance
Each performance includes 16 parts. Each part has a choice of audio outputs, volume, pan, etc. Each part can receive MIDI data from any channel (for instant stacks) and send its output to unique audio outputs (depending on your host audio software). The Multi is also the place where you may enjoy the absolute power of MachFive’s Expert mode: use keys to open and close multi parts in real time, mix several parts in real time using any MIDI controller, create splits with crossfades between keys — the world of sonic creativity just became much larger.

Powerful synthesis engine
The central section of the MachFive window shows the filter, three envelopes and every modulation tool. Eight filter algorithms are provided and crucial parameters, such as Filter Resonance, Cutoff Frequency, and Overdrive can be controlled and automated by MIDI. Modulation options are provided at every stage of the synth section. The award-winning UVI-Engine that powers MachFive delivers unlimited polyphony and ultra-low latency: it is truly the best-sounding sample playback engine available.

Built-in multichannel waveform editor
MachFive accepts audio samples in all formats from mono to 5.1. The waveform display allows truncating, normalizing, fading and many other destructive DSP audio manipulations – all in real time. Imagine setting the crossfade of a loop in real time while listening to your full sequence. Now you can use real-time DSP tools the way you’ve always wanted: listening to your edits on the fly in the full context of your mix.

Support for 24-bit 192kHz audio
MachFive takes advantage of high definition audio interfaces like the MOTU HD192. The stunning sound quality is apparent as soon as you transpose a sample on the keyboard. You don’t need to keep low-res ‘draft’ versions of the same samples, either. High-resolution samples can be used at lower sample rates, so go ahead and sample everything at 96kHz — or 192kHz.

A surround-capable sampler
MachFive is a true surround sampler. You can play and transpose 5.1 audio files in real time, add multi-channel effects and route the multi-channel preset to your host software’s mixer with multiple outputs (if your host software supports these surround features.)

Integrated tuner
MachFive is a one-stop sound design factory, with tools such as a graphic spectrum analyzer and a built-in tuner with graphic display.

Drag & drop the way it should be
Creating keymaps has never been easier with MachFive’s drag and drop features. Simply drag samples from your desktop or host application to the MachFive keyboard. Drag multiple samples in one step to map chromatically, on white keys only or by pitch according to their name.You can also audition samples when importing them, listening to each note as you stretch a keymap over a range of keys.

Modulation and tempo sync
Four LFOs are available per preset. Each LFO can be routed to an assortment of destinations including filter frequency, filter resonance, drive, pitch, pan and amplitude. Of course, MachFive can sync both the LFO and effects parameters to sequence tempo.

Integrated multi-effects
MachFive is nothing short of a mega-processing machine. Each multi-timbral part can have up to four inserts effects plus four preset effects per part.Now add 4 global aux effects and 4 master effects, all operating simultaneously. That’s an astonishing 136 total FX slots and 85 separate FX chains per instance of MachFive with instant recall. Dozens of effects, each with dozens of presets, are included, such as, reverb, tempo-synced delay, tremolo, chorus (and other modulation effects), filter, BitCrusher, and many others. All settings are saved with the multi for total recall. You can also save effects with each preset to build your ideal sound library. The effect section allows you to leave a part’s effects in place while you audition other parts.

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User Comments

Product:  MARK OF THE UNICORN - Mach Five
Name: angry d
Email: No email added
Activity: Professional
Date: 03-Dec-03

This plug in is unstable, and was rushed to market. my experience with it in pro
tools 5.1.1 as an rtas has been very frustrating. MOTU tech support is non
exsistent- and online support and tech notes are largely useless. Also- it is NOT
compatible with all of the formats in claims to be. I don't know WHAT is up with
that. buy kontakt, or something. ANYthing else.

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Last added comment

Product:  MARK OF THE UNICORN - Mach Five
Name: Евгений
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Hobby-ist
Date: 25-Dec-07


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