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Contralogic Foxglove


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Contralogic Foxglove

Category:  Products / music software / software instruments

Added: 26-Jul-04  |  Author: admin

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Contralogic Foxglove

Foxglove is a waveshaping monosynth. The left and right channels are generated independently which allows for interesting stereo effects.

Select a waveform by pressing the 'wave' button in the 'osc' section. Distort it by moving the 'shape' sliders. The 'LR invert' switch relates to the 'detune' knob: if it is switched on then the left channel is tuned down when the right channel is tuned up, and vice versa.

The 'sub' section controls a secondary oscillator, which can be synced to the primary oscillator with the 'sync' switch. The 'PM' knob controls how much the phase of the secondary oscillator is modulated by the primary oscillator.

The filter is a four pole low-pass filter with the usual cutoff and resonance controls. The 'follow' slider controls how much the filter's cutoff frequency is effected by the pitch of the notes being played.

The ADSR envelopes can be assigned to any of the destinations in the modulation section by pressing the corresponding 'select' button. Envelope 4 also controls the output volume.

The LFOs cannot be routed to another LFO's rate in the modulation section (this avoids possible feedback problems), however LFOs 2 to 4 have a knob which controls how much their rate is modulated by the preceding LFO. The 'LR invert' switch works in the same way as with the oscillators' detune control.

The 'width' control in the 'output' section adjusts the stereo spread of the left and right channels.

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'Contralogic Foxglove'

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