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Steinberg LM-9


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Steinberg LM-9

Category:  Products / pc software / s/w drums

Added: 27-Oct-00  |  Author: admin

New price: free i think  |   S/H price: ??

Steinberg LM-9

Steinberg's LM-9... baby sister of the LM-4, is a small s/w VST-Instrument you can get... you load it into the VST instrument rack, and off you go ! - Hmm.. doesn't look much does it ?.. but man i nearly fell off my chair when I checked this thing out... Sure, there are more 'equipt' drum s/w's for VST... this LM-9 is just a taste of what LM-4 is about, and i'd say based on this experince LM-4 must be well worth it with it's additional facilities cos even this real cut down version is amazing for the newbie cheap-asses !!

I had no idea this was such a powerful tool as it looks just so innocuous, BUT, with some slick moves you can create custom beats with this just like a sampler and even have drums on seperate mixer channels in VST to add EQ & FX to parts and create fat layered rocking beats.. You can also create custom kit's with different samples with a work around... i made up a quick demo in real-audio below, and the last one has some garage snare & a different kik sample I added - it IS limited... but for something like this what it can get you if you are total broke-assed is amazingly good... you even get velocity sensitivity ! -- read on ! ... cos if you are thinking of getting VST and are broke and wimpering cos you want drums TOO and think you don't have enuff cash in total, never fear !... mate, this will sort you out a treat, i for one had NO idea this was so good...

You can see there are 9 sample slots or channels, each has a fader for level, & there is a main 'Velocity' control to increase or decrease the amount the samples respond to midi velocity data, also there is a pan below that titled: 'Panorama'... Controls are sparse, and this may lead you to feel it is weak but check it out... above is a selector with the two opposing arrow buttons where you select the 'Kit' for LM-9.

Now, i dont have any manual, dunno even if there is one... and there may be a way to make more kits which appear in this selector... I couldn't find a way, and i suspect it's made that way as a demo come-on for buying LM-4.... Well I'm sold on it, so it works if that is the tactic !! - if it is the case that LM-9 cannot allow more than the two 'Kits', never fear, cos i'm also going to show you how to get round that and with just a few extra moves create as many custom kits as you like if you can't afford LM-4, which incidently has a freeware kit editor/creator s/w for download at Steinberg to make 'kit' creation easy..... (and nope, it don't work for Steinberg as you know!! :-)

once you start to create kits and get a taste of what it can do, i'm sure you'll be queueing up to get the bigger LM4 for the ease of kit creation & loading as well as it's extra facilities & drum sounds... anyways.. let's check out how it organises it's drum samples which are standard .wav format, meaning you get to tap into the worlds biggest drum sample library instantly with a modem, and no fiddling around converting samples to a different format like with some drum s/w's !! -

In the LM-9 folder which is placed into your 'VST-Plugins' folder you'll see two kit .txt files, one called 'Acoustic' & one called 'Beat box' - I tried creating a new text file exactly the same with a different name, but on reboot VST didn't include it in the available kit list in LM-9 - ok.. no sweat.. we can still create custom kits... First check out the actual way it is used for newbies...

Getting Started

go to the 'Panels' menu & select 'Vst instruments' - the rack appears and you then select LM-9 from the list, and it'll open in the first slot calling itself LM9 (V1) - another slot will appear underneath... here we can add another LM-9, stacking up to 8 i think, and as each appears, a corresponding VST Mixer channel appears for the audio out.

You'll notice the tiny green triangle pointing down on the lower right side of the main black screen on each LM-9 in the rack - well that's the select kit (or the arrow buttons) and you'll see i've assigned LM9 (V1) to the 'Acoustic' kit, and the other 2 to the 'Beat Box' kit.... (Remember, each LM-9 'Kit' selected here is pointing to the two text files in the LM-9 directory as noted above... that's relevent later) & each one created has it's own stereo mixer channel...

Next, go back to your Arrange page, and here we can setup & compose the midi to trigger the 3 LM-9's we've selected for this example -

Ok... I've assigned the Output of 3 midi channels to

  • LM-9 (V1), which plays the 'acoustic' kit drums overlay....
  • LM-9 (V2), playing the 'beat box' hats & snare main riff.....
  • LM-9 (V3), playing just a kik drum so it can be isolted from the main 'beat box' kit on it's own VSTmixer channel and get some fat EQ by itself !!... i've assigned the 3 tracks to midi channels 1, 2 & 3... I've also set all 3 tracks as 'Drum Tracks' - oke-doke !.... next...

    Drum map time - (if you don't know drum-maps, see the other VST & Cubase pages in Articles & s/ware section of dancetech) - Looking at the 'kit' .txt files reveals the note numbers for the listed drum sounds in each kit - here's the 'Acoustic kit' .txt file contents - you can see the name of each sample : and the note number in front of it... dont ask me what the rest is about ! - although i think the two hat samples ending in 1's is to do with exclusive grouping so that two hats dont play on the same beat like with a drumbox. Here's a .txt file - notice before each sample name is a default 'drum name' which appears on the LM-9's edit panel interface under the buttons. These names can't be changed unfortunately to custom names.

    There is no reference to the note numbers on the actual LM-9 control panel, so check the .txt to see the note numbers.. basically they are GM... so the drum map doesn't need much tweaking, you might want to assign the individual ROW outs in the map to any of the activated LM-9 modules you choose, or like in the arrange page example image above, you might like to create 3 tracks and dedicated one to each LM-9 - - or you can do both of course... so i created 3 LM-9's I have 3 tracks, one for each...

    Check it out... you can see the drum pattern for the 'Acoustic' kit LM-9 riff overlay... notice also it has assigned the kik drum on C1 to LM-9 (V3) - ok, even tho this is the pattern for the 'Acoustic' LM-9 (V1) kit, and all the other drums are pointing to the 'Acoustic' kit LM-9 (V1), the kik drum is showing LM-9 (V3) - so you can as you see assign drums within a map to different LM-9's also to keep all the drum parts in the same map -

    The drum sample triggering is REAL fast and 100% spot on the beat which is excellent, and using .wav samples it is clean & clear as the samples you choose.. i was impressed...

    meanwhile, back at the mixer....

    here we can see the 3 LM-9's working away on the VST mixer...

    • The first stereo pair is playing the first 'Acoustic' kit LM-9, (LM-9 V1), and has some tempo delay on the whole kit in the FX section.
    • The next stereo channel is the 'Beat Box' kit LM-9 (V2), and is playing the 'Beat Box' snare & hats, and has a touch of delay also added in the mixer.
    • The last stereo channel is the second 'Beat Box' kit LM-9 (V3) playing just a kik drum pattern which is isolated on the mixer to allow it to be Eq'd fat.

    The resulting sound when mixed with some eq and effect and layered is amazingly good and rock solid ! - add this to VST and you are well supplied for drums... and honestly, if you are not a mega drum synthesist and want just good thumping drums this is fine !! - you can do filter sweeps tho using the vst Eq and some automation... so sweeps are in too!, and as you can see, so is individual Eq', at least you can isolte any LM9 drum by creating a deciated LM-9 for each seperate 'cluster' or group of drums you need to isolate.. very handy !

    Lastly you can see here i've made a Windows Set with the three LM-9's on it so I can quickly access them for tweaking -

    Roll yer own kits !!....

    Well... you can acheive it... and even archive them.. all you have to remember is:

    • make sure all samples used have a unique name.
    • prefix all drum samples in a kit with a unique letter or number combination to identify the kit it belongs to. (eg. for an 'RnB kit' kik drum: RnBkik1.wav
    • You can't create any more kit .txt files - 2 is the max & they must be called 'acoustic' & 'beat box'.
    • you must create two master back_up kit text files one for each kit before we begin.

    ok, remember to make the 2 kit .txt backups first - The only way we can create new kit's is to modify the original two kit .txt file drum sample listings.

    • each .txt file kit contains a list of samples for the notes.
    • each new .txt file 'kit' we create we save with a unique name..
    • the LM-9 will only load either: 'acoustic' or 'beat box' titled .txt files. BUT the samples within those two named file CAN vary.
    • so save each new file you create with any unique name you like to identify it.
    • when you want to load it, overwrite either the 'acoustic' or 'beat box' files with the new .txt file referencing the new samples.
    • you still have the backup of the originals .txt files.
    • the new custom file you are 'saving-as' is already saved previously as a unique name.
    • so to load a text file referencing a set of new samples all you are doing is renaming it as either 'acoustic' or 'beat box' .txt file so the LM-9 can load the list.
    • as long as all 'kit' .txt files are saved first with a unique name that is NOT either 'acoustic.txt' or 'beatbox.txt', you can't delete any 'originals' by overwriting the 'acoustic' or 'beat box' files when you want to load the new sample list.

    Let's take another look at that text file....

    Here is the original 'factory file for the acoustic kit...

    Now here is my modified file referencing three new samples to make a garage kit: GGsnare.wav - GGKlakk.wav - and GGKik.wav .... you can see I put the 'GGKlak.wav' on the old snare note number (sd) - and i put the new garage snare, 'GGsnare.wav' on the old tom note number (Tom1)- also i used the 'beat box' kit open & closed hats, (BBHHopen.wav & BBHHclo.wav)....

    See this bit of the file header.... i renamed the kit as 'garage box'....

    vst samples,
    garage box,
    garage box,

    Make a directory for your new kit samples... & name it the same as the text file header. All samples for kits go into the same-name directory as the header REGARDLESS of the name you save the text file as, so when you re-save it to overwrite either the current 'acoustic' or 'beat box' loadinable ,txt files it'll reference the right dir' of samples for the new kit !!

    And that gentlemen is how we do that !..... Fanstastic wav file drum sounds in your mix with no additional hardware... and they sound great !... and they play spot on... you can load up to 8 kits if your pc can take it, but they don't use much memory and i managed to load up 3 ok on a 200mmx so one runs like a dream !!.. beleive it, it IS good enuff to do a garage or RnB or house tune etc, trance whatever you like, and of course as noted any LM's you open will happily chug away alongside Rewire or any other drum sounds.. add to that the simle ability to add audio loops to audio tracks alongside the LM's with the new easy timestretch tool you are in total heaven for peanuts !!...

    well the more I get back into VST the more it shines with features like this making it superb for newbies with no cash... i can honestly say that if i had this 5 years ago I would never have bought a drumbox... and assuming this is a taste of the bigger LM-4, then i'm going to get LM-4 a.s.a.p I reckon !!... comments please people ....

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    User Comments

    Product:  Steinberg - LM-9
    Name: k
    Email: Email supplied but hidden
    Date: 07-Nov-00

    check that RA file - it is NEON & LM9 only in vst running a hardhouse track demo - not fully finished but a good example of what these two freebies can do together in a club-sounds context.

    Product rating out of 5: 

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    Product:  Steinberg - LM-9
    Name: Stottie
    Email: Email supplied but hidden
    Activity: part-timer
    Date: 12-Nov-00

    There is an shareware editor for LM-9 at the site above. Tried it and it works well. You can create more kits with different names but you will need to type the name of the kit you want to use in the file window

    Product rating out of 5: 

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    Product:  Steinberg - LM-9
    Name: Andy Keen
    Email: Email supplied but hidden
    Activity: part-timer
    Date: 23-Dec-00

    I cannot find lm9 or demo of lm4 anywhere. Can you help. I already have a novation drumstation and am looking for templates of drum beats to use with vst. Are there any resources or can I use the LM9or 4 and editors to access drum template resources?

    Product rating out of 5: 

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    Product:  Steinberg - LM-9
    Name: gus
    Email: Email supplied but hidden
    Activity: part-timer
    Date: 26-Dec-00

    It comes as partof VST release 5. I looked for it as stand-aone plug-in but could not find it.

    Get VST 5 - everything Kilo says about is true - it's great and v powefull

    Product rating out of 5: 

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    Product:  Steinberg - LM-9
    Name: [mechanized assault]
    Email: Email supplied but hidden
    Activity: part-timer
    Date: 11-Jan-01

    Hi! I made a song just with 2x LM9 + 1x Neon! It will appear on my site Monday or Tuesday... "mindkiller" => (commando mix) uses Acoustic Set and (detonator mix) uses Beatbox Set!
    So... Check it out next week!

    Product rating out of 5: 

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    Last added comment

    Product:  Steinberg - LM-9
    Name: eliran
    Email: Email supplied but hidden
    Activity: Professional
    Date: 29-Aug-07


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