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Symetrix 525


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Symetrix 525

Category:  Products / fx & processors / compressor

Added: 30-Jan-01  |  Author: admin

New price: £350 - 400 ish when released  |   S/H price: 150 - 300 ish

Symetrix 525

The Symetrix 525.. I wish I had one that's for sure, cos the 501 DOES sit in my rack, and it's superb... the auto feature is a godsend when wizzing around working, makes it allmost transparent, the quality build is great but light, it's great, and i'd assume this model 525 is just as good, but you get a dual compressor in this unit for doublke the pleasure!!.. 'Twice as nice' oh yeah!!..

The Symetrix 525 takes the auto-feature of my 501 compressor even further, as the 525 offers no attack or release on either channel.. the unit is fully auto for that and so don;'t get this for doinmg compression effects like pumping basses or loops etc, this unit tries to be clear and transparent like my 501 is when switched to 'auto-mode'...

Now this 'auto attack/release-mode' of Symetrix, let me say really works for getting a transparent compressor... so it's superb on vocals etc and other devices with constantly moving but not to radical peaks & lows... bare that in mind, and this is a superb compressor for say stereo BV sub-group compression at mix or record round a group stereo mic setup, or for main vocals...

Anyways, as a consequence of the auto feature, each side of the unit sports a threshold and ratio control, as well as an output gain.. in stereo mode the left becomes the master... the Ratio control out of interest goes from 1:1 to 20:1 , and the Threshold goes from +20dB to -50db

Also with the 525 you get with each channel a dedicated fast peak limiter .. the limiter is useful cos with the auto-mode, fast peaks could slip thru, and with digital recordings etc we just dont want the signal to move above a certain threshold when recording signals nice and 'hot' - it's not ultra-fast, but 1/2 ms will be ok for most use...

There is also the expander-gate on each channel, which is like a normal expander gate except this one uses a sorta soft-knee approach to drive down the gain when signals fall depending on input level... the quieter it gets the more it shuts down so to speak...... The Threshold control can be set from 0dB (zero)down to -60dB, 10dB below the compressor's threshold of -50db.

Round at the back, you've got In & Out per channel, and also another socket marked: CONTROL LOOP which is the side-chain stereo - Tip = return, Ring = send... and how nice, this is marked on the back in bloody great letters in white so you can see it anytime.... to see what 'side-chains' can do, check the COMPRESSOR page in the Dancetech FX-RACK Section..

well that's it... looks great... Ne1 used one at all?...

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User Comments

Product:  Symetrix - 525
Name: David Tab
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Professional
Date: 02-Feb-04

This unit gets used on most of my vocals. I drive it hard and tuck it up under a mult. Gives a nice edge to rock vocals.

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Product:  Symetrix - 525
Name: Orlando
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Hobby-ist
Date: 02-Feb-11

nesecito manual en espaƱol de symetrix 525

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Last added comment

Product:  Symetrix - 525
Name: rs
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Professional
Date: 09-Jul-16

yeah, tucked it and it worked great

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'Symetrix 525'

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