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Alesis 3060


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Alesis 3060

Category:  Products / fx & processors / compressor

Added: 04-Feb-01  |  Author: admin

New price: 89.00 Euros - 80.63 GBP  |   S/H price: 60 or less

Alesis 3060

The Alesis 3060 was brought out at least 6 years ago and hasn't changed, and is still Alesis's main and only rack compressor in it's range, and it's not hard to see why... it works, it's versatile and is good value. I've used one of these alot, and they work fine.

It's a 2 x mono or linked stereo comp in a traditional layout, each side has the common controls you get on stereo units... an expander/gate followed by Threshold, Ratio, Attack & Decay (release) - what is also nice about a comp' this cheap is the switchable 'modes' making it even more versatile for the dosh.

The 3060 can be switched to run either or both sides in 'RMS' and 'Peak' compression modes, plus you can also switch each side to use either 'Hard Knee' or 'Soft Knee' compression - (for more on all that stuff see the Dancetech FX-RACK Section, 'Compressor' page) - But basically it'll do compressor 'effects' like getting huge pumping basses & loops, or more traditional compression tasks, from discrete 'soft-knee' mild compression to hard limiting etc....

The unit also has proper side-chain using a traditional ring/tip send/return sockets on the back etc, so ducking fx & de-essing etc is also all possible with this baby !!... so it's useful for so many compressor jobs from straight traditional signal 'control' to special compressor techniques & FX...

Ok, this ain't no classic Neve or DBX etc, but all in all for the price & availability s/h it's a 'proper' compressor, great for newbies and experienced users studio's alike !... and it looks great in the old rack too !!...

The Alesis 3060 - user comments please

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