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Category:  Products / fx & processors / audio gate

Added: 03-Feb-01  |  Author: admin

New price: was 279 in 1987  |   S/H price: ?? - mebbe 150-200


The MTR DN-ONE - a wicked gate if you ask me.. There was quite a few 2-in-one & 4-in-one gate racks appearing at the late 80's early 90's as budget studio's forced up demand for 'more for less', and this baby could be in your rack via the local free-ad's etc where it'll give you lots & lots of tricks.

ok, single U 19" rack, Stereo or 2 gates in one... internal/external triggering, lo & hi filters (25hz - 3.6 khz & 200hz - 34khz !! - so they can be 'tuned' also to listen for certain frequencies to open the gate, or to ignore other frequencies etc.. cool... 10 microsecond attack time, the hold goes up to a wopping 14 seconds, decay 10ms - 32seconds, threshold from -70dB to 1db, and it has key monitoring where you can actualy listen to the outgoing sound thru the filters to 'tune' in to the frequency you want to open the gate... You can run the DNG-ONE in linked Stereo mode or as two dedicated units...

Excellent!!.... but you newbies might think.. "why would i want a stereo gate?..." - well that's two channels of trigger-gated synth paterns you can add into your mix using any of your studio synths!!... for more on Gate-ing effects, see the Dancetech FX-RACK 'Audio-Gates' page -

Well, The MTR DNG-ONE... I remember drooling over one of these, don't you?... did you use one or still do ?... worth checking out mebbe in the s/h adverts cos those trigger gate patterns are sooooo cool!... user comments please...

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Product:  MTR - DNG-ONE
Name: Dean Griffiths
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: part-timer
Date: 03-Mar-21

I bought Martin Hannett's DNG-ONE a couple of years ago. Haven't had a
chance to use it yet, but recording with it some time in the next month.

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