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Aphex 612


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Aphex 612

Category:  Products / fx & processors / audio gate

Added:   |  Author: admin

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Aphex 612

Adding this to the listings, but have no info... a dual/stereo expander gate, the Aphex 612... any users?...

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Product:  Aphex - 612
Name: Brian
Email: No email added
Activity: Professional
Date: 10-Jun-05

I own Aphex 612 gates as well as the newer 622 gates. The 612 is an excellent (world class) gate. The main difference between it and the 622 is that the 622 has a parametric key filter with one knob for frequency and the other for bandwidth (Q). The 612 has low cut and high cut filters that can give you any frequency band you want the gate to respond to. The filters are great for getting that "on the phone" effect, or setting the gate so that it will respond to the floor tom without the snare opening the gate.

It has features that most gates don't have such as Hold and Range. It has an ultra fast attack time .1ms variable to a couple of seconds I think. I never use it that slow so I'm not sure. I just know it's wicked fast. The Hold knob sets it up so that once the gate is open, it won't close until the Hold time has passed. This keeps the gate from opening and closing (machine gunning) rapidly. You can actually set your threshold tighter if you use the Hold function. Long story short. This is a great gate. It's great for percussion, vocals, and anything else you want. Aphex quality is tops.

I like the 622 a bit better because it has a small headphone jack so you can listen to the key signal during the show. Also the 622 supposedly has some logic assistance. I'm not sure if makes the gate function better, but it looks good on paper. Also, the 622 is a bit easier to read in low light because they changed the screen printing a bit. The 612 still rocks and I'm not selling mine. So there.

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'Aphex 612'

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