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Digital Keyboards Synergy II +


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Digital Keyboards Synergy II +

Category:  Products / synthesisers / fm & digital synthesisers

Added: 19-Oct-23  |  Author: admin

New price: discontinued vintage  |   S/H price: £6000 - £7000

Digital Keyboards Synergy II +

Very few FM synths outside of Yamaha offerings existed because they owned the Stamford copyrights and also trademarked the term 'FM', but this rarity did actually use Digital oscillators which did Additive synthesis frequency modulation like the DX series.


The DK Synergy was in production between 1982 & 1985, and despite being supposedly very rare with only an estimated hundred or so working units surviving to this day out of the 700-800 units that were produced, you can actually find these for sale. In the image above the bottom picture (heavily edited in Photoshop) shows the Synergy II+ complete with the Kaypro IV computer which is for sale mint for just under £4000 on Reverb. Without the computer you could not program your own sounds & the combination of Yamaha's marketing muscle combined with  the fact their DX series FM synths were programable & way cheaper made it impossible for the Synergy to compete.


The original version Synergy had no MIDI & as noted, was not programable, offering only 24 tone presets, but could load more via a cartridge system. A later version, the Synergy II Plus or Synergy II+ was fitted with MIDI ports and also an RS computer port which then allowed connection to the add-on Kaypro IV computer with which you could create & fully edit sounds & save patches to 5.25'' DS/DD floppy disks.


The Synergy uses 32 digital oscillators delivering 8 voice polyphony when four Oscillator voices are in use or 16 voice polyphony. using two oscillator sounds. The Synergy also had a built in sequencer and was 4 part multi-timbrel.


A rare beastie indeed & only added so that the FM section here isn't totally dominated by Yamaha units. If you want to get the sounds of this rare synth it is emulated in IK Multimedia's Syntronic software synth instrument system along with many other classics and rarities. Price on release was around $5000 USD.

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