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Bitheadz Unity DS-1


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Bitheadz Unity DS-1

Category:  Products / music software / software instruments

Added: 01-Mar-02  |  Author: admin

New price: $449.00  |   S/H price: Not listed

Bitheadz Unity DS-1

This is the 'Unity DS-1' VSTi/DXi sampler from Bitheadz software... Here's the site info:

Unity DS-1 is a software program that turns your computer into a full-featured, professional digital sampler. With Unity DS-1, you can recreate the sounds of acoustic instruments or any other audio source with stunning realism and control. Unity DS-1 has all the features of dedicated hardware samplers. Extensive MIDI implementation allows real-time control of all parameters and easy integration into existing MIDI setups. You can play it "live" just like any other musical instrument with layers, splits, and full MIDI continuous control, or use it as a multi-timbral sound module running behind your favorite MIDI application on the same computer.

Using the same renowned synthesis engine as Retro AS-1 (our breakthrough software analog synthesizer), your sampled instruments can be performed with a high degree of expression, and/or manipulated beyond recognition to create new sounds of your own.

And of course, it's fully polyphonic and multi-timbral, with fast response time and more, all at a fraction of the price of hardware samplers.

Use the full-featured arpeggiator to generate analog-style "sequences". Use the new oscillator stretching function to adjust loop tempos without changing pitch! You can even write the sampler's complete multi-timbral stereo output to disk as an audio file for use in your favorite digital audio applications. Unity DS-1 will provide you with a wealth of new sonic opportunities. We hope you enjoy using Unity DS-1 as much as we enjoyed creating it!

2.1 Features

  • Support for Roland PC-300
  • Applescript support for multimedia developers
  • VST support for Cubase
  • RTAS support for ProTools and ProTools LE
  • sample editing, loop start/end split snap to zero crossing
  • link to Wave/AIFF/Sound Designer II files directly
  • Can drop Wave/AIFF/Sound Designer II files into Unity folder
  • Banks utility to create text file of all installed libraries, bank names and numbers

2.0 Features

  • Macintosh G4 (Altivec) and Pentium III (SSE) optimization
  • Increased maximum number of voices to 128
  • DirectConnect support for ProTools 5 integration (Mac only)
  • More filter types, slope, theshold, comb
  • More insert effect types including pitch shift, multi-tap chorus
  • Improved reverb algorithm, (early reflections)
  • Automatic publishing of OMS and FreeMIDI names
  • Support for up to 128 MIDI channels with OMS and FreeMIDI applications
  • Adjust sample tempo without changing pitch (Oscillator Stretching)
  • Sample markers user-defined for oscillator stretching
  • Completely revised soundset including 12MB GM Bank
  • Phat.Boy support
  • Load bank programs individually
  • 8 assignable controller remappings: any controller to any other controller
  • Audio input/output matrix for ASIO and Direct I/O devices allowing 32 seperate channelized outputs
  • Micro-tonal tuning per program, up to 128 notes defined
  • Zone crossfading in addition to version 1 cross switching
  • Library utility for grouping banks and programs
  • Editor can audition through sample engine

1.3 Features

  • Full featured, professional sampling synthesizer in software
  • No additional hardware required (Windows version requires soundcard)
  • Outstanding 24-bit, 96 kHz sound quality
  • Up to 64 note polyphony (CPU dependent)
  • General MIDI support
  • CPU limiting to accommodate MIDI applications
  • True stereo signal path throughout

User Interface

  • 100 percent programmable
  • Over 200 parameters per program; up to 200 values per parameter
  • Toolbar and keyboard commands for accessing common functions
  • Automatic sample extraction and keymap placement from Audio CD's
  • Drag-and-Drop to add algorithm modules (oscillator, filter, fx, etc.)
  • Drag-and-drop to import and export samples
  • Configuration display gives visual indication of signal path
  • Selectable graphic or slider views for envelope modulators
  • Parameter values displayed in Hertz or milliseconds where appropriate


  • Phase-locked stereo sample support
  • All sample rates and simultaneous different rates supported
  • Includes stereo record function with level controls
  • Imports 24-bit Sound Designer I/II, SoundFont 2.0, AIFF, CD-Audio, DLS, WAVE , SampleCell II, and AKAI S1000 & S3000
  • Option to automatically split samples (great for audio sampling CD's)
  • Exports AIFF audio files
  • DSP functions include Normalize, Gain, Fade, Reverse, Crossfade Loop, EQ, and more
  • Launch samples in your favorite audio editor with one click
  • Optional sample compression; selectable compression algorithms

Multisamples (Keymaps)

  • Imports and maps DLS, SoundFont 2.0, AKAI S1000 & S3000, and SampleCell™ II instruments automatically
  • Multiple sample rates supported simultaneously
  • Up to 128 samples per MIDI note with selection via velocity or other modulation sources
  • Selectable interpolation: linear, quadratic, Lagrange, or none
  • Per-sample volume, tune, pan, sample start, FX send, and envelope
  • Per-sample selectable muting


  • Up to 2 stereo oscillators (multisamples) per voice
  • 8-octave range per oscillator
  • Frequency modulation from any oscillator or filter


  • 2 assignable stereo filters per voice
  • 13 filter types, including 4-pole resonant lowpass, highpass, bandpass, allpass, notch, and state-variable
  • Multiple inputs allow parallel and/or serial filtering
  • Filter Cutoff Modulation from any oscillator or filter ("poly mod")
  • Per-filter cutoff, resonance, CM source/amount, Group, and Overdrive controls


  • Number of modulators and routings limited only by CPU power
  • Most parameters are available as a modulation source and/or destination
  • 6-stage envelope modulators (delay, attack, decay, sustain, sustain decay, release)
  • Selectable linear or exponential curves for envelopes
  • Six low frequency oscillator ("LFO") waveform shapes
  • Ramp and Random (noise) modulators
  • Source curves for routing sources and destinations
  • LFO's can be synchronized to MIDI clock
  • Four continuous MIDI controller modulation sources are available simultaneously


  • 2 stereo insert (serial) effects processors per voice
  • 2 additional stereo global (parallel) effects processors
  • 2 global effect sends per MIDI channel
  • Fully parametric and shelf equalizers
  • Multiple stereo reverb and reflection algorithms
  • Stereo delays, chorus, phaser, and flange
  • Overdrive and distortion effects
  • Delay times can be synchronized to MIDI clock


  • Supports output directly to digital audio file on disk in 8,16, or 24-bit format
  • Discrete audio outputs per MIDI channel with ASIO, MAS 2.0, ReWire, and
  • Digidesign digital audio hardware. DirectX (PC only) supports stereo output.


  • Multiple latch and assignment modes
  • Enter notes manually or use on-screen keyboard for controller-free play
  • Arpeggiator can be synchronized to MIDI clock


  • MIDI Processor enables full control of layers and splits
  • 16 simultaneous MIDI channel multi-timbral
  • Real-time control of all parameters simultaneously via NRPNs
  • Serial port application included for direct MIDI input (Mac OS only)
  • On-screen keyboard; no MIDI controller required to trigger sounds
  • Excellent real-time play response time
  • Full simultaneous MIDI application (such as a sequencer) compatibility

well, this one has a faithful following too & is well established & supported, especialy for samples - go and get the demo download & checkout the sample banks you can get etc...

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Looking for the manual? - Check this page above under the heading: 'Product manual or files' - We might have it!

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