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Mikko Helin BeatZ


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Mikko Helin BeatZ

Category:  Products / pc software / s/w drums

Added: 01-Mar-02  |  Author: admin

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Mikko Helin BeatZ

The BeatZ-001 VST beat box plugin... Here's some text:

This plug comes with four drum sounds - kick, snare, closed and open hi-hat - that can be programmed at 1/8 note resolution, 8 notes in bar. This beat box is no serious contender for the most popular software drum box but it is still very useful as a replacement for the built in metronomes in VST 2.0 compatible sequencer softwares. The GUI is also now implemented and it makes the life easier for VST 3.7 users.

Well, basicaly, you don't sequence the drum part of BEATZ... (but you can sequence a bassline over it on any channel but 10).... Beatz works like a simple easy to use metronome/drumbox, but outputs to the VST mixer so you can create basic beats with it and render them...

Basicaly each of the 8 step sliders in the image above is Note ON/velocity level... so for a '4 on the floor' kick you'd raise the even faders - That is faders 1, 3, 5 & 7 - cos it's an 8 step pattern max.... The image above is a 4 kikdrum beat... '4 on the floor'

So you select a drum with one of the 4 buttons, and the slider display shifts to show that selected drum's sequence & level & pan... Then you raise a fader for each required beat in the 8 beat pattern, and set them for velocity level, and there is an overall Volume and Pan for each of the 4 drums....

As the author says, Beatz is no contest with some of the great free drumwares out there, BUT it DOES as he says make a REALLY easy to setup and use metronome drumbox... you can get a simple beat going in seconds, cos there's no need to input midi notes, just assign it as a VSTi in the rack and it clocks to the midi clock and you set your beat with it's Slider panel...

Simple and VERY effective.... Sometimes you just want to get a bassline or synth idea down, and this is WAY quicker than opening a VSTi drumbox soft, loading a kit, adding in notes to a drummap etc etc, just to get a beat to play with!!...

This little freeware therefore is a godsend really!... I'll be using from now on to get idea's down fast that's for sure... Later you can setup your favourite drumware or hardware drums and work on the beats, but to get idea's down it is awesomely good... very clever idea!! .... you can also edit the samples replacing them with your own by using a s/w like Cool-edit pro, cos the samples load as .pcm type so you need to get the sample you want and convert it to .pcm, then save it to the BVSTi folder overwriting the curent sample you are changing... This is how you also make fresh custom kits for LM9 too... Both Beatz & LM9 have fixed assigned sample names that they loads to their drum slots... so to replace your won you replace the sample with a new one but with the same name.... (make sure you save/backup the old ones first thop if you want to keep them)...

Anyways, Brilliant freeware!!... Dancetech gives BEATZ a solid 10/10 !!

Go and get it download & give it a try, the link is on the right-hand vertical column of this page... get it, it's FREE!!....... You'll never use your VST metronome again!...

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'Mikko Helin BeatZ'

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