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Native Instruments Reaktor 3


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Native Instruments Reaktor 3

Category:  Products / music software / software instruments

Added: 02-Mar-02  |  Author: admin

New price: $499.00  |   S/H price: Not listed

Native Instruments Reaktor 3

I'm adding Reaktor into the listings because it's gotta be in as it's well overdue (besides, Reaktor has already been a classic for years as a stand-alone...

I have Reaktor 3 - Native-Instruments kindly sent us an NFR copy... as usual I couldn't wait to get it cos their stuff truly rocks!... And this s/w is a monster...

This then is the listing for REAKTOR - VSTi

I will add a review but basicaly for the uninitiated, Reaktor has been around for a while, since it was a stand-alone, before VSTi's & DXi's.... now it's all of these and more such as Pro-tools & MOTU compatible... Anyways, Reaktor works by allowing you to build synths out of objects wired together on screen (with tons of superb presets available & big online libraries & user groups) - These synths can be arranged into 'ensembles' - groups of sound generating devoices with various midi arrangements.

It sounds complicated?.. It can be.. Reaktor goes as deep as you like... from complexed wave shaping & filtering devices (loads Akai sample disks) to superb renditions of Korg MS & Roland Juno style classic VA's.... Reaktor does it all... some of the synths are breathtakingly beautiful... with masses of sources & destinations, modulators... like a 'wall of synth' type synth you see in 'ye Olde Aanalog' websites...

but don't let that put you off... if you just want to make some music, Reaktor loads up banks of superb sounds for all your Ferry Corsten analohgs to Kraftwerk & 80's synth electro heaven!... this is the ultimate s/w synth I'd say for 'synthesis'....

Anyways... I'll add some more stuff when I get the chance soon.... meanwhile just load up the NI page


There's ton's of resources there... impressive software.. all formats Mac & PC

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Product:  Native Instruments - Reaktor 3
Name: not-real-name
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: part-timer
Date: 07-Feb-03

I'm using Reaktor version 3.0.5, in the standalone version, without external MIDI software, using Windows 98. Iíd summarize it as buggy, slow, frustrating and badly documented Ö and I regret buying it. Hopefully, version 4, which should be released in a few months, will be a MAJOR improvement.

I was really psyched when I bought Reaktor, but after several months of owning it, my opinion has soured. Although you can theoretically do many things in Reaktor, itís just not worth the effort. I have not used Reaktor since last month, because I have too many bad memories. Reaktor has turned my synthesis hobby into work.

Reaktor uses a dongle, and I SWEAR I will never use a program with a dongle again. The dongle wreaks havoc with my file system; making it hard to tell when a file is actually saved so that I know I can continue using my computer. It's really irritating to have to wait for 5 to 30 seconds for the dongle to do it's thing every time I want to save an ensemble.

Reaktor frequently soft-crashes (about once every 30 minutes), and often requires that I re-enter my MIDI ports and MIDI filename after a crash. Reaktor occasionally hard-crashes (about once every 2 hours), requiring a complete computer reboot. Since Reaktor crashes frequently, I defensively save my ensembles frequently, but everytime I give the ensemble a new name (for example, I was working on MyEnsemble2 but saved the updated ensemble as MyEnsemble3), Reaktor requires me to re-enter the name of the MIDI file that I want to continue to use. For some inexplicable reason, Reaktor assumes that youíll always use a MIDI file thatís the same name as the ensemble; you know what they say about assumptions.

Reaktor is so badly documented that I'm frequently stymied. I even bought the Wizoo book, which was helpful, but frankly this software is just not ready for prime time. There is no online documentation, which is unthinkable in this day and age, so you have to (try to) find info in the paper manual. I like to work in a darkened studio, with the only light coming from the computer monitor, so I have to go into another room to read the paper manual. In modern software, when you move your cursor over an toolbar icon, a hint appears that tells what the icon does. Not in Reaktor.

I understand that music software is something of a cottage industry, with small profit margins, and I certainly don't advocate pirating music software. But I'm peeved that Native Instruments seems to have the attitude that they will go to extreme lengths to prevent software piracy. First there is the dongle, which screws up my file system's performance ... and supposedly there is a cracked Reaktor version floating around the internet, so the dongle just irritates real paying customers like myself. Second, the paper documentation is minimal, and there is no online documentation AT ALL. NIís attitude seems to be that only the real customers will have the paper documentation ... in other words, let's inconvienence our real customers so we can make our product less valuable to software pirates. Heads up to NI: I recently saw a html version of your paper documentation on the internet, apparently it had been OCRíd. This is further proof that your copy protection irritates your real customers but is only a speed bump for software pirates. I respectfully suggest that the best way to sell more copies of Reaktor is to make Reaktor worth the price.

I mastered Reaktor's basics, after wasting many hours learning to work around it's flaws and crashes, and I even created an ensemble from the ground up. But the experience has made me shy away from ever using Reaktor again.

I would not buy this software again. The only people that should buy this software are extreme synth tweakers with huge amounts of spare time. People who need results quickly or have a day job should use other software.

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'Native Instruments Reaktor 3'

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