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Jonas Norberg Square-o-matic


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Jonas Norberg Square-o-matic

Category:  Products / music software / software effects

Added: 16-Oct-02  |  Author: admin

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Jonas Norberg Square-o-matic

Another interesting filter from Jonas Norberg - Difficult to describe what it does, so as it's freeware just go and download it and try some of this on your basslines or hats or drums or anything frankly!... Interesting stuff!

Here's the info from his VST page:

Square-o-matic is made up from some pieces.

  • Envelope-Follower
  • Square-maker
  • Lowpass filter with resonance (cutoff is controlled by the env-follower)

    There are four parameters:

  • Falloff this controls the env-follower.
  • Cutoff follow this multiplies the range of the env-follower, you should adjust this depending on the amplitude of the signal.
  • Lowest cutoff this offsets the range of the env-follower.
  • Resonance

    Square-o-matic will try to create square waves from other waves. It works best on sond that are symmetrical. That it, the upper halve (above zero) of the wave is similar to the lower halve (below zero).

    The envelope follower detects the current amplitude, the attack is instantanious and the release is controlled by the Falloff knob.

    The Cutoff of the filter is calculated like this:
    CO = (current amplitude) * ("Cutoff follow"-knob) + ("Lowest cutoff"-knob)
    CO is then clamped to [0..1]

    This means that if the Lowest cutoff is "1" the filter will always be open. If the material is quiet, the "Cutoff follow"-knob can be raised to enable the filter to open.

    Square-o-matic produces aliasing noise. So handle width care.

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