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Category:  Products / music software / software effects

Added: 04-Jan-99  |  Author: admin

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Well, there it is, the awesome "Reverberator"...... I downloaded the demo recently, and IT KIKS ASS !!!...( as they say in the states!)

All y'do is download the small 500K .EXE file into your SAWPLUS directory, then click to setup, couldn't be easier !!.....

Once it's installed, simply add it to the FX patch for your chosen track or tracks, and set-up a reverb from the presets.... There are about 20 presets.... and you can edit them...... and apply them to tracks in real-time, get the edit right, then build a stereo output file of "wet" reverb sound only.........

Once you've set up a patch, simply remove the Reverberator from the FX patch point, drag the newly created stereo reverb region up to an adjacent track to the actual sound you have treated, then adjust the volume between the two utilising the track faders.

The wicked thing about this method is that you can use the fader on the reverb track to make special volume adjustments to the reverb.... So in effect, it's like having auto fade to control your reverb return...... So you can have great reverb "swells", by doing a fast fade up......... But that's not all.....

How about reversing that reverb ?!!..... Simply add the "Reverse Audio" FX to the reverb tracks' FX plug-point, and hey presto... Real reversed reverb.... Hey you can also drag the reverb around in time, to create reverb off-sets....or how about delayed reverb !!!.... Yup.... You can get really creative.....and I have to say.....er....You can really use this thing without reg'ing it !!!....You just can't access all the comb filters, or save your customised sets....but you can edit a custom patch AND apply it !!....It's great as it comes, so imagine what you could do once you've registered !

Anyhow.... Enuff blah blah from me...... If you have SAW+, or the Demo, get this downloaded NOW.... That's an order soldier !!!.... (this is NOT an active-x plugin - only for Sawplus)

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Name: Gustavo Fossá
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Date: 05-Apr-99


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Name: kilo
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Date: 05-Apr-99


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Date: 31-Jan-22


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