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Smart Electronix Cyanide


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Smart Electronix Cyanide

Category:  Products / music software / software effects

Added: 12-Dec-01  |  Author: admin

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Smart Electronix Cyanide

This plugin is available from the companies site in Mac, PC and BeOS format - Here's the info from the site:


  • Variable spline waveshaping distortion.
  • Pre and post filters, LP or HP.
  • Pre and post gain.
  • Vile colors :)

    Description and operation for parameters.

  • Dry-Wet mix The balance between effected and dry signal.
  • Pre-Gain how much the signal is amplified before entering the shaper.
  • Pre-Filter twiddle to change the cutoff frequency of the pre-filter.
  • Pre-FilterSwitch toggles the filter between highpass and lowpass mode.
  • Post-... work exactly the same as pre, but are applied when the signalemerges from the shaper.
  • The shaper Aha! The fun part.

    OK, first operation: you can add points to the graph by clicking in an empty space. Changing the location of a point can be done by clicking and draging it. Notice how points cannot be dragged further than the next point, nor can they be dragged before the previous one.
    The point at the begin and at the end cannot be moved horizontaly, only verticaly. And, finaly, points can be deleted by right-clicking them.

    Hint: you should add a second last point to the graph with approx the same height as the last point. It will make the sound 'better'. If that's what you want, of course. :)

    Important: the plugin won't respond to changes in the graph until the mouse-button(s) are relaxed!

    Now, what does this graph do to your precious sounds? Well, samples enter the shaper at the bottom and leave on the right side. Their amplitude is mapped according to the graph. A picture would explain it better, but you should just try it out...

    Pop over to their site and check them out - The link is on the left-hand column of this page (Related Links)

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    'Smart Electronix Cyanide'

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    Looking for the manual? - Check this page above under the heading: 'Product manual or files' - We might have it!

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