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Abyss Filter


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Abyss Filter

Category:  Products / music software / software effects

Added: 21-Oct-02  |  Author: admin

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Abyss Filter

It seems all the VST plugin FX from Abyss are good, this ones no exception - a great little stereo res' filter with 'boost' - it's automatable as a VST2 effect... it seems to work ok in VST anyway, so i assume it's good to go in Logic & Sonar too - The Abyss site says of the Filter:

Filter is a Rich Filter Circuit based on 2 Variable state filters and 2 Bi Quad Filters each can be set independent of the other the filter also includes the Denormal Circuit.

Well, not being an expert, I looked this up -

Another filter that lends itself really well to realtime implementation and has multiple response characteristics is the state variable filter described in Hal Chamberlin's book (I forget the exact name, sorry - "Musical Uses of Microprocessors" or some such?). You can specify resonance and frequency directly as inputs, although the frequency space is not Hz but is related through a x.sin(x) kind of function. This latter doesn't bother me when I'm sweeping filters around, which sounds like what you want.

And a Bi Pole is a two-pole, two-zero digital filter apparently......er.. ok...

What does this mean?... well all I can say is, that when it's set in 'SV' mode (which I assume means variable state), then it acts like a nrmal res filter with a fairly wide slope... when this filter is switched to 'Bi quad', it seems to have a narrower slope...

Anyways, whatever those filter circuits are actualy doing, it's phenomenal for sub-bass and top end sparkle or anything else in between... My one gripe is there is no stereo link switch for using in on a stereo track for automation work where you want to sweep a section of something in a mix.

otherwise, a great filter and more so that it is FREE! (yay)!...

Feel free to add some user comments below if you use this one... It's definately going to get use from me now I've discovered it anyways... I must say, I found this Abbys stuff tonight, i think their stuff is made with synthedit, and it's really good stuff all of it..

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Product:  Abyss - Filter
Name: rat
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Date: 17-Dec-02


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'Abyss Filter'

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