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TK Plugins DatoReverb


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TK Plugins DatoReverb

Category:  Products / music software / software effects

Added: 28-Oct-02  |  Author: admin

New price: $15.00  |   S/H price: Not listed

TK Plugins DatoReverb

TK Plugins 'DatoReverb' - according to their site it says in the text:

"Reverb based on Dattorro's structure - over 50 controls."

Hmmm... So I looked up 'Dattorro' & found lots of stuff about a stamford guy who's published lots of dig audio stuff and I found one discussion where he'd published some plate reverb stuff... over my head, but mebbe the authors will tell us what it's about simpley. Features :

  • plugin based on VST version 2 technology.
  • all knobs and faders recall their previous position by right clicking.
  • support automation for all the controls.
  • working with sample rate : 44100Hz and above.
  • use ramping for knobs to prevent sound from glitch, very usefull when a knob returns to its previous value or when it is moved too quickly.
  • a control of all reverb parameters over 50 controls.
  • linkable knobs.
  • lowpass and highpass 24dB filters to add warm and light effect.
  • dry /wet mixer.
  • 6 dB amplifier.
  • Clipping LED indicators.

The 'DatoReverb' has two further edit screens...

Ok... Now anyone who knows me from this site knows we like to give lots of promo to small & new companies, and i dont criticise unduly, I'm a bit of a luddite frankly and don't care about minor niggles... BUT...

If they are going to get anyone to buy this they'd better make the time out MUCH longer, or at least quieter!!... you currently can't even begin to explore the controls before it starts beeping an irritating 1k tone & on headphones it's REALLY jarring and annoying rather than a deterent...

DatoReverb is pretty greedy on the CPU as well... switching it on with a p3450 it ramped the VST performance meter up to quite a bit, but then it looks like it should do with all that control , so it prolly weights in like a TC or Timeworks etc.

But... it is very detailed and does 'seem' to sound very good, but sadly the time out LOUD 1k tone is repeated so often (every 2 mins) you can't really begin to get into appreciating the reverb... it's not possible for example to make any exploration of the huge amount of parameters available without being interrupted & it ruins the whole experience... DAMN!!!!!!!! THERE IT GOES AGAIN!!!!!... screw this man, that's rediculous... Guys please!!... how on earth is anyone going to be able to try this reverb!!!...

so I guess I'll have to try it on the athlon for more power handling, but not until I can get a decent demo which doesn't make me want to smash up the headphones & fling the pc through the window!!!!

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'TK Plugins DatoReverb'

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