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Smart Electronix Ambience


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Smart Electronix Ambience

Category:  Products / music software / software effects

Added: 01-May-03  |  Author: admin

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Smart Electronix Ambience

Another cool plugin from the Smart Electronix collective... Ambience! - available as VST PC/mac & audio-unit

Dry/wet : controls the gain of the dry and wet signal

Time : controls the 'tail' of the reverb. The higher 'Time', the longer the tail

Low & High X-over and Time : Controls how quickly different frequencies die out. This can add some color to the reverb. Do you want a muffled basement or a bright room with concrete walls? The "Low-" parameters control the low frequencies and the "High-" parameters control the high frequences. Time controls the duration, and X-over at what frequency this modification starts to take effect. For a natural sounding reverb, Time should be < 100%.

Room size : determines the size of the room. Smaller rooms will not sound good if 'Time' is set too long. This goes with intuition - small rooms don't make long reverbs.

Quality/CPU : the higher this setting the better the reverb will sound, but the more CPU it will consume.

Predelay : the wet signal will be delayed by this amount. Use this setting to simulate late reverbs, or large spaces

Width : 0% -> mono, 100% -> ultrawide stereo

Lowshelf & Highshelf Frequency and Attenuation : the low and high shelving filters are placed after the reverb and can be used to shape the sound further. For example : on boomy sounds you might want to drop off the low end. Most rooms do not reverberate bass-sounds so much.

Variation : due to Ambience's special algorithm, many variations of the same reverb can be made. Notice that this setting is NOT continuous. This is a fine-tuning parameter. First set all the setting like you want them and then try some different variations. The resonances and echoes in the reverb will slightly change when you slide this slider. (this will be a button in the future when Ambience has got a GUI)

Hold : ambience can hold the reverb tail as long as you wish. Try sending a signal thru ambience on pure-wet settings and tweak this parameter. You can change the 'Hf Damping Freq' knob while holding for extra special effects.

Gating Amount : Ambience can do gated reverbs. The gain of the input will be used to gate the wet signal. Useful when you want to keep the signal clear and bright, yet still have that spatial feeling.

Gating Attack/Release : the attack and release time of the gate

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Product:  Smart Electronix - Ambience
Name: Triad
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Professional
Date: 23-May-03

Excellent effect similar to 'Espacial' by Steinberg. More control over resonant space shape etc. A little expensive to your cpu but worth every thread ;) Easily my choice for adding a little or diffusing a sound.

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Product:  Smart Electronix - Ambience
Name: kiran
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Hobby-ist
Date: 07-Jun-03


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'Smart Electronix Ambience'

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