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Prodyon Spacehawk


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Prodyon Spacehawk

Category:  Products / studio-gear + dj / sample cd/dvd

Added: 11-Apr-06  |  Author: admin

New price: 29.99  |   S/H price: Not listed

Prodyon Spacehawk

Prodyon are a very interesting little company, still at that stage where they look small, there's a slight touch of home-made there which I like... the product they create is intelligent, it's just a bit different. I downloaded and tried the NADS demo a while back and it's fantastic for percussive stuff, plus you get a touch of humour in the little vibrating guy with the headphones on as it plays.

Prodyon sent us over a NFR copy of their Spacehawk sounds DVD which I eagerly requested after hearing the demo audio snippets on their website, and as luck would have it, the DVD arrived just as I was in the middle of a film score job. We wanted some new textures for some 'flashback' scenes with the main character, plus other scenes for layering with orchestral parts, and as soon as Spacehawk arrived at the door we had it open and were auditioning sounds within minutes... Bingo!!.. straight away we had something... this disk is crammed with some of the most superb textures and soundcape style audio you'll hear, and the sounds are playable too, not just 'trigger and listen' stuff.

Here'as the site info blurb:

Spacehawk : Ambient Textures - The new ambient soundset for your favourite Sampler.

This is a new Sample Collection with a massive 3 GB Library featuring more than 250 unique ambient textures and soundscapes by Dennis Lenz and Stephan Muesch.

This collection delivers you dozens of pads, soundscapes, drones, swirling FX, complex textures and a variety of string and synth atmospheres, all with a very beautiful and wide stereo sound.

It is available in a wide variety of formats, and can be used in for example Reason, GIGASampler / Studio, Kontakt, Live, Logic Audio, eXT, Sampletank, Wusikstation2 and more!

Many months of work went into this collection; we are sure you will enjoy it!

Well we certainly have enooyed it!... I can't emphasise how organic these sounds feel in comparison to even hi-quality synth presets. Dennis from Prodyon informed us that the collection was designed using mostly outboard-gear from Alesis, Korg, Yamaha and Eventide, and no doubt the use of outboard and even electric guitar in layering & moulding these sounds and textures contributes greatly to that experience! - One perhaps can say they sound like they were created by both technical & musician programmers, not just tweaking s/w and samples!

We used the collection with NI's Kontakt, and the NKI's load up and turn the sampler into a wunder abient & texture synth... Fantastic stuff, and you can expect to hear Prodyon sounds in action on this movie on it's release:

Checkout the film site - www.theredkebaya.com

But don't just think the Spacehawk sound collection is only suited to film work. The sounds lend themselves superbly to all styles of contemporary music. I asked T.J to try the sounds... T.J. is a rave music entrepreneur, Master of Ceremonies & D.J. for over 10 years been producing and performing around the UK and parties in Europe. Currently Using Logic Pro & Pro Tools software based on a Mac G4. Favourite Software Sampler NI Kontact. You can see more of his biog notes & listen to some of his tracks at here on our music-section site, 7161 - Load T.J's 7161 artist page

Here's his review:

Space Hawk Sample DVD

2.91GB DVD

You can hear it now, the audience is seated and the credits begin to roll up the giant screen into the distance. The visual screen is accompanied by a huge sound blast of orchestral and synthesiser timbres adding to the audience's experience "In a galaxy far far away!" I'm sure you get the picture!

If you lack that huge epic sound to give your musical score or soundscape the edge or you are looking for that special sound quality to accompany your latest Sci-Fi block buster underground Ooooscarz nominated explosive packed super feature film or music project then look no further than the Space hawk DVD. It is packed with nearly 2.91GB of high quality WAV files. Most of the samples I used were already layered and ready to go. These can be up-loaded and key grouped using the .NKI patches that are supplied or alternatively you can audition and search through the samples and pick and choose individual sounds using any software sampler. Some of the pad swells are great as they are, or you can layer the pads, strings and other textured sounds from this vast library to create your own unique soundscape. I particularly liked the 'Strings' and 'Soundscape' set of WAV files. These are excellent and will be very useful in some of my own music film scores.

It is a great buy and must have for those lacking big synth and orchestral sounds at their disposal, these can be used as they come or over-laid to create a unique atmospheric sound effect. The DVD also comes with some demo plug-ins as an added bonus.

Name: Space Hawk
Country: Germany
Price: 29.99

DVD Content:
BONUS Inc: robocoder_demo_vst.exe
PRODYON: audiotrig.dll
E-Fex Extreme Chorus Demo.dll
E-Fex Extreme Chorus ReadMe.txt
E-Fex Modulator Demo.dll
E-Fex Modulator ReadMe.txt
E-Fex Pneumo4 Demo.dll
E-Fex Pneumo4 ReadMe.txt
Ironizer DEMO.dll
littleExciter Folder
Niagaragain BETA.dll

Samples Files .NKI & WAV File Format

Go over to Prodyon's site and checkout the Spacehawk demo audio, and there's even some completely free 'unreduced in quality' presets to download!... (there's also a FLASH presets player)... Check 'em out, and their other stuff. I especialy am gagging to try their Robocoder - Robot vocal phrase generator / sampler... Like I said, an interesting company!... They create some very unique stuff which is high quality & for those who work professionaly, they seem to offer products which are not only superbly capable of creating sounds if you invest the time, but are also strong on 'ready to use' so you waste less time messing about and can get on with work! - Top marks for the Spacehawk collection! - 10/10 for quality AND at a price way lower than you'd think for such gorgeous work!

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Category:  Products / studio-gear + dj / sample cd/dvd

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'Prodyon Spacehawk'

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