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Roland JX-08


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Roland JX-08

Category:  Products / synthesisers / modeling synthesisers

Added: 26-Nov-23  |  Author: admin

New price: £290  |   S/H price: £250

Roland JX-08

In 1985, Roland’s innovative JX-8P took hybrid synthesis a step further with a compelling new analog-digital voice. The instrument was instantly embraced by top session players, who forever embedded its warm pads, shimmery chorus, and crystalline textures into the era’s most popular tracks. The JX-08 reintroduces the unique sound of this sought-after classic in stunning detail, coupled with powerful new effects, a polyphonic sequencer, and more. And to enhance your creative flow, there’s a full panel of hands-on controls derived from the companion PG-800 programmer unit for the original hardware.


So says the Rolamnd website promo... The JX-08 is the Boutique series emulation of the last ever flagship analog Roland synth, the famous JX-8P and its follow up 12 voice JX-10 or Super JX, which was a true analog DCO synth but with advanced oscillator design allowing it to create very digital & FM sounding patches to compete with the main flagship synths from its competitors of the time which was mainly Yamaha & Oberheim.  The JX-08 gets you that sound but includes  - albeit in very small micro size form - a full compliment of slider controls which with the original would require a seperate purchase of the PG-800 controller or a 3rd party equivilent.


Unlike the initial earlier Boutique range offerings which used Roland's ACB (Analog Circuit Behaviour) modeling, the JX-08 engine utilises a different DSP code Roland calls Analog Behavior Modeling or ABM. ABM is less processor intensive and thus the JX-08 does not suffer from the low 4-voice polyphony which was a main criticism aimed at its earlier Boutique range offerings like the JP-08, JX-03 & JU-06.


With the ABM modelling engine the JX-08 gets quite close enough to imitating the original flagship Roland synth but delivers a whopping 20 voices of polyphony, giving the user either a full 20 voice patch in standard play mode or two 10-voice patches in either Split or Dual mode, far more than the original JX-8P or Super JX's 6 or 12 voices.



The K-25m keyboard unit



Like all the Boutique range, the JX-08 can be used as a tabletop module triggered from any 3rd party MIDI keyboard controller or directly from any DAW external MIDI track, but a further option is to add the optional K-25m keyboard unit which connects to any of the Boutique modules using an included ribbon cable.


The K-25m is a 25-key, velocity sensitive keyboard designed for use with the Roland Boutique series. Measuring less than 12″ across, the K-25m acts as a dock for any Roland Boutique module, and once in place the module can be tilted at two different angles for easier viewing and sound programming, or can be laid completely flat.


The K-25m retails at around £95 from most music tech suppliers.



Finally, like with most of the Roland Boutique range the JX-08 has USB as a non-battery power source and can also can connect and stream its audio to your DAW via USB & also function as a USB audio & MIDI interface with a mini-jack stereo input.


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'Roland JX-08'

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