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Leftover Lasagne Pushtec 5A+1


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Leftover Lasagne Pushtec 5A+1

Category:  Products / music software / software effects

Added: 02-Apr-07  |  Author: admin

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Leftover Lasagne Pushtec 5A+1

The Pushtec 5A+1 is a 6 band midrange and program eq plugin which also installs an optional Winamp plugin version included in the download.

The developers seem to be a bit of a mystery as the plugin only seems to be listed for download from KVR with the authors having no website.

Anyways, a lovely little eq unit with switchable bands and then gain cut or boost depending on the selected band.... See this image...

Well when you adjust the frequency selector, the readout display shows the frequency, then you just use the 'PUSH' (boost/increase) or 'PULL' (reduce/cut) control to tweak!... simple!

You've got a bass boost/cut eq with selectable frequency of 20hz, 30hz, 60hz or 100hz

The Hi-Freq selector offers choices of: 2khz, 3khz, 4khz, 5khz, 8khz, 10khz, 12khz or 16khz, with cut/boost

The hi-mid boost eq goes from 1.5khz to 5khz
The low-mid boost eq goes from 200hz to 1khz

Finaly there's a center-mid cut which goes from 200hz to 7khz

Noobs might need a little practice to figure out how these old skool selectable fixed band eq's work, but it's pretty obvious stuff.

It's a nice smooth EQ and while this aint gonna replace a real Pultec eq, it's a very coolio freebie so get it downloaded!

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Product:  Leftover Lasagne - Pushtec 5A+1
Name: uwe
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Professional
Date: 03-May-07

wow-i just bought the uad-and this eq really rocks,very nice sounding!thx a lot

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'Leftover Lasagne Pushtec 5A+1'

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