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MIDAS Venice 320


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MIDAS Venice 320

Category:  Products / mixing desks / analog mixers

Added: 28-May-01  |  Author: admin

New price: £ 2,813.63 - 4,333.00 euros  |   S/H price: Not listed

MIDAS Venice 320

Looking for a quality studio console for your hard disk & midi production suite??.. Everyone talks about Mackie, Soundcraft (& Spirit), Behringer etc... the most common 'home-project' studio mixers. - But how about a bit of class! - a Midas console, world renowned amongst live consoles and used by top-end live system the world over... They now got these 3 juicey 'Midas-Venice' budget live consoles for less that £3k (UKP), and these boards are super-made and ideal for the type of studio work we do, where multiple inputs and quality EQ & routing/aux's are more important that multiple sub-group outs for running dedicated big-multitrack feeds... so all this Venice series have 4 subgroups, ideal for routing to our pc/mac audio IN's as dedicated feeds - check it out !!... take a look at the spec's and checkout the large detailed image to see the features and quality - Yup a REAL Midas can be yours !!......

This is the 32/4 channel version Model: Venice 320, costing about 2800 UKP from Thomann.de etc... a superb console and you get top continuing support from Midas wherever you are worldwide!...

Download a high-res' zipped image of the 320 (32/4 mixer) - 720kb - download


Features and Specifications Venice 160 Venice 240 Venice 320
Inputs (total) 30 38 46
Mono-Inputs (Mic/Line) with Inserts 8 16 24
Stereo-Line/Mono-Mic-Input Channels 4/4 4/4 4/4
Stereo-Effect-Returns (Line) 4 4 4
Stereo-Tape-Return (Line)   1 left/right  
Busses   15  
Subgroups   4  
Aux Pre-Fader (Monitor)   2  
Aux Post-Fader (Effects)   2  
Aux switchable Pre/Post-Fader   2  
Master L/R   2  
Mono-PFL   1  
Stereo-AFL   2  
Subgroups (with Inserts) 4 impedanced balanced 1/4 inch jacks
Aux Pre-Fader (Monitor)   2 XLR (balanced)  
Aux Post-Fader (Effects) 2 impedanced balanced 1/4 inch jacks
Aux switchable Pre/Post-Fader   2 XLR (balanced)  
Master (with Inserts)   2 XLR (balanced)  
Master B Out 2 XLR (balanced) (switchable Mono/Stereo, pre-post Fader)   2 XLR (balanced)  
Tape Send (Recording)   1 Stereo (Phono)  
Direct Outputs (1/4 inch Jack) 8 16 24
Stereo-Headphones 2 Stereo-1/4 inch jack
Stereo-Speakers 2 impedanced balanced 1/4 inch jacks
Additional Features      
Connector for desk lamps 2 x 12V/5W (4-Pin XLR)
19“-rack-mounting- kit, yes - -
rotatable connector panel yes - -
Dust Cover (included)
12 V Desk Lamp (not included)
Input Transformer (not included)
Technical Data      
Input Impedance      
  Mic 2 OhmBalanced
  Line 20 Ohm Balanced
Input Gain      
  Mic Continuously variable 0dB to +60dB
  Line (Mono Channell) Continuously variable -20dB to +40dB
  Line (Stereo Channel) Continuously variable -10dB to +20dB
  Line Level Inputs   0dB  
Maximum Input Level      
  Microphone and Line   +22dBu  
  Line Level Inputs (Mono)   +42dBu  
  Line Level Inputs (Stereo)   +22dBu  
CMR at 1kHz      
  Mic (Gain +30dB)   > 80dB  
  Line   > 40dB  
CMR at 100Hz      
  Mic (Gain +30dB)   70dB typical  
Frequency Response (20Hz-20kHz)      
  Mic to Mix (Gain +60dB)   + 0dB to -1dB  
Noise (20Hz-20kHz)      
  Mic EIN ref. 150gain +60dB   -129dBu  
  Mic EIN ref. 150gain 0dB   -107dBu  
System Noise (20Hz-20kHz)      
  Summing Noise (12 channels routed, faders down)   -90dBu  
  Line to Mix Noise (12 channels routet at 0dB)   -84dBu  
Distortion at 1kHz      
  Mic to Insert (+30dB Gain. +20dBu Output)   Typ 0,0007%  
  Mic to Master (+30dB Gain, +20dBu Output)   < 0,009%  
Crosstalk at 1kHz      
  Channel to Channel   < -80dB  
  Mix to Mix   < -80dB  
  Channel to Mix   < -80dB  
  Fader Attenuation   > 100dB  
  Switch Rejection   > 100dB  
Output Impedance      
  Line Outputs   75 Ohm balanced  
  Headphones   to drive 32 Ohm  
Maximum Output Level      
  Master Outputs   +25dBu  
  Line Outputs   +22dBu  
  Headphones   +22dBu / 600  
Nominal Signal Level      
  Microphone   - 60dBu to 0dBu  
  Line   0dBu  
Equaliser Mono Channel      
  Hi Pass Filter 2nd order Butterworth, 80Hz
  Treble +/-15dB at 12kHz (Shelv)
  Hi Mid Continuously variable 100Hz to 2kHz (1 Oct) +/-15dB
  Lo Mid Continuously variable 400Hz to 8kHz (1 Oct) +/-15dB
  Bass + /-15dB at 80Hz (Shelv)
Equaliser Stereo Channel      
  Treble +/-15dB at 12kHz (Shelv)
  Hi Mid 3kHz (1,4 Oct) +/-15dB
  Lo Mid 300Hz (1,4 Oct) +/-15dB
  Bass +/-15dB at 80Hz (Shelv)
Size (mm/inch)      
  Width 490 / 19.3“ 698 / 27.5“ 906 / 35.7“
  Depth 568 / 22.4“ 568 / 22.4“ 568 / 22.4“
  Heights 194 / 7.6“ 194 / 7.6“ 194 / 7.6“
Weight (kg/lb)      
  16,4 / 36.2 21,1/ 46.5 25,8 / 56.9

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Product:  MIDAS - Venice 320
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'MIDAS Venice 320'

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