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Category:  Products / mixing desks / analog mixers

Added: 28-May-00  |  Author: admin

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The Mackie 1402 is another very popular mixer for home studio's... Loads around s/h, cheap to buy, and with a good reputation.... This 1402 is a blown-up version of the 1202 basically, main differences being amount of channels and faders instead of trim-pot's at the end of each channel strip.... There are 10 physical channel-strips arranged as 6 mic/line channels, and 4 stereo line channels giving 14 total channel feeds... hence 1402... You can table-top or rack-mount this unit with optional rack-mounting kit, (which costs extra)

The 1202 & 1402 mackies have an additional L/R output which you can see as a secondary main-fader next to the L/R master fader... they share this ability to switch a channel IN to this bus with the mixers MUTE control... it mutes it from the main L/R mix and sends it threu the this alt bus... so you can wire those output's to your PC to send stuff from one or more channels to the pc or sampler for recording.... Downside is no inserts except on channels 1-6, (the mic/line channels), but it's not sucvh a terrible thing as you can route stuff that needs insert processing to those channels... All in a a well rated reliable cheap mixer... Ideal for a studio with a few outboards and a PC to link it all up and do some work.... Here's the 'blurb'


  • 6 Mic preamps (channels 1-6)
  • Line input (bal./unbal.)
  • Low Cut Filter switch on mic/line channels (channels 1-6)
  • Trim control
  • Aux Sends 1 & 2 level controls

  • 12kHz Hi shelving EQ
  • 2.5kHz midrange EQ
  • 80Hz Lo shelving EQ

  • Pan control
  • Mute/Alt 3-4 switch
  • Solo switch
  • 60mm channel fader as opposed to the pot's on the 1202 version


  • Aux 1 master control
  • EFX To Monitor switch
  • Aux 1 pre/post fader select switch (global)
  • Aux Return 1 & 2 level controls
  • Assign switches (Main Mix, Alt 3-4, Tape)
  • Assign To Main Mix switch
  • PFL/AFL solo mode switch (global)
  • Phantom Power and main Power LED indicators
  • Left-Right level meter LEDs

    Level Set
    marker and LED indicator
    Rude Solo Light LED indicator
    Control Room/Phones master fader
    Main Mix L & R master faders


  • Stereo Aux Returns 1 & 2 (balanced/unbalanced)
  • Aux Sends 1 & 2 (bal./unbal.)
  • RCA Tape inputs and outputs (unbalanced)
  • 1/4" TRS main outputs (bal./unbal.)
  • Stereo line inputs (channels 7-14)
  • -10/+4 level switch (channels 7-14)
  • Power cord (IEC) and fuse
  • Power switch
  • Phantom Power switch
  • Main Left and Right XLR outputs (balanced)
  • L & R output level switch (mic/+4)
  • Control Room outputs (bal./unbal.)
  • Alt 3-4 outputs (bal./unbal.)
  • Channel inserts (channels 1-6)

    The MACKIE 1402 / VLZ ... My mates got one and rants about it's good quality.... User comments please....

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    Product:  MACKIE - 1402 VLZ
    Name: danny
    Email: Email supplied but hidden
    Activity: Professional,Hobby-ist
    Date: 23-Jan-01

    I use a 1402 a lot for my church's services, music recording and some other functions, parties included. I could load a lot of stereo inputs for material sourcing during a program and yet the sound will be clean. Very easy to use and versatile patching.

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    'MACKIE 1402 VLZ'

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