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PalancarWare Sputnik


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PalancarWare Sputnik

Category:  Products / music software / software effects

Added: 24-Oct-02  |  Author: admin

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PalancarWare Sputnik

BPM-synced delay line combined with a high-pass filter. win & beos.

From the PalancarWare site:

Sputnik is a combination of a clean high-pass filter and a delay engine similar to that used in Refero. It is one of the first PalancarWare plugins designed to be foremost a send effect, rather than an insert effect.

What Sputnik does is first apply any input gain, then filter the signal to smoothly remove frequencies *below* the cutoff. Please note this is a filter with a smooth rolloff, not a hard wall, so please don't write me and tell me that you set your cutoff to 1000 Hz but some 980 Hz signal got through. This is to be expected -- the further below the cutoff you get, the more signal rolloff you see.

Once the signal has been filtered, it's sent to a BPM-synced delay engine, where the delay time is exactly one beat, as indicated by the BPM rate. This is the same way that Refero works, except that in Sputnik a specific stereo spread and delay depth is used that is optimized for higher-frequency signals. Or at least it sounds optimal to me!

Though Sputnik can be used as an insert effect just fine, you'll note that the high-pass filter removes all the low frequencies, which can make your signal sound like it's coming out of a telephone. If this is what you want, go for it.

But where Sputnik shines is as a send effect, where the processed signal gets mixed back in with the original by the VST host. This can give you an almost reverb-like effect, but with BPM-synced delay rather than just ringing ambience. Anyway, I like it and I think you will too.

Sputnik has four controls:

  • Input Gain - this controls the amount of amplification (or gain cut) that occurs on the input signal before any processing is performed.

  • Tempo - the speed in BPM of the signal you want to process. Sputnik uses this to figure how long the delay should be.

  • Cutoff - the filter cutoff frequency (in Hz), below which signal will be removed. Again, this isn't a hard cutoff, but a smooth rolloff which starts at the cutoff frequency.

  • Feedback - percentage of the signal gets routed back into the delay line. Higher values mean longer delays, and lower values mean shorter delays.

    Using the Plugin

    This is a great plugin to use on rhythmic synth arpeggios or chord hits, e.g. the arpeggio line in a trance tune. If you use it as a send effect, it can do a good job of keeping the "real" signal distinct from the "delayed" signal in the listener's ear.

    This can also be used as an interesting vocal effect. For example, I have a tune called "White Horse" in which there's a voiceover saying mysterious things using this effect.

    A couple of tips on using the plugin:

    There are a preset number of cutoff frequencies, rather than a smooth spectrum. Sorry, but this was a design tradeoff I had to make internally. I've tried to concentrate the most options in the area of the spectrum you're most likely to need them.

    If you want a longer delay than 1 beat, you can halve or quarter the BPM to make it wait longer. Or you can double the BPM to get a half-beat delay, etc.

    If you just want to use Sputnik as a delay effect, you can set your cutoff to zero Hz.

    Be careful with higher feedback values. It's possible to set up a vicious cycle where the delayed signals get continually louder and louder until distortion sets in and it starts sounding really bad.

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