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Voxengo Tempo Delay


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Voxengo Tempo Delay

Category:  Products / music software / software effects

Added: 07-Nov-02  |  Author: admin

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Voxengo Tempo Delay

"This VST PlugIn is a "packed-with-features" delay module based on tempo, incorporating EQ and tremolo sections with separate controls for each output channel. Instead of a single "length" control this plug-in implements two separate "delay" and "length" controls which allows to create evenly sounding "ping-pong" echoes."

This is a really nice delay. the filters allow you to do some real classic dub sounding delays and more... it can get very wacky and do all sorts of cool stuff... definately one for your toybox!


  • BPM - tempo of delay.
  • Multiplier - BPM multiplier: top left knob is multiplier, bottom right knob is divisor.
  • Mix - balance between wet and dry signals. 100% means 100% wet signal.
  • Out - overall output gain.

    Delay line:

  • Delay - initial delay of delay line.
  • Length - length of delay line.
  • Feedbk - amount of signal being fed back (values > 0 creates echo effect).
  • L/R (R/L) Bal - balance between input of left and right channels when they are mixed together before routing to according delay's channel.

    Built-in filter:

  • Cutoff - cutoff (center) frequency of filter. 0.5 means 11kHz for 44100 Hz sampling rate.
  • Q - filter's resonance (bandwidth)
  • Drive - amount of slight built-in waveshaping.
  • Type - type of filter to use.

  • Rate - speed of tremolo (relative to tempo).
  • Depth - depth of tremolo.
  • Type - type of tremolo.

    L (R) Gain - overall output gain of the delay channel. Varying this parameter on both channels can be used for panning.


    Plug-in can work in "mono -> stereo" and "stereo -> stereo" modes.

    Please, note that length of each delay line cannot exceed 5 seconds. So, if you specify plug-in parameters that together make delay line length exceed this limit, your echo will possibly sound odd.

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    Product:  Voxengo - Tempo Delay
    Name: admin
    Email: Email supplied but hidden
    Activity: Professional
    Date: 13-Nov-02

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    'Voxengo Tempo Delay'

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