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Voxengo Polysquasher


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Voxengo Polysquasher

Category:  Products / music software / software effects

Added: 20-Aug-03  |  Author: admin

New price: $50 USD  |   S/H price: Not listed

Voxengo Polysquasher

A mastering compressor from Voxengo - Here's the site blurb:

Transparent compression action is a corner-stone for any mastering compressor. Transparency is necessary to preserve all existing elements in the mix while compression itself is necessary to make the mix sound uniformly to other mixes (tracks) and to make it sound more solid. Artistic dynamics adjustment also requires a high degree of transparency from the compressor. This allows to retain the original signal's clarity while giving a chance to improve its dynamics.

Voxengo Polysquasher was designed keeping these things in mind. It offers a highly transparent compression performance and a high level of control with only a minimum number of adjustable settings available at users' disposal. This makes it ideal for common mastering applications.

Its unique-to-date compression technology--while giving an unprecedented compression transparency--additionally allows to give some very special `touch' to the signal being processed. It subtly tightens the low end and reveals the high end creating a special `freshy' feeling.

To sum up, this is a very interesting PC VST compressor plug-in. Its compression effect can be slightly disorienting for the first time since it differs from the other compressors greatly, but after some time of using its performance will be OK for you.

    • New compression technology
    • Transparent sound
    • Real-time gain reduction scope
    • Variable knee
    • Two operation modes
    • "A-to-B" comparisons
    • Factory presets
    • Mono-to-Stereo, Stereo-to-Stereo processing modes
    • Sample rates up to 192 kHz supported
    • 64-bit internal precision

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'Voxengo Polysquasher'

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Looking for the manual? - Check this page above under the heading: 'Product manual or files' - We might have it!

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