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Oli Larkin Dronebox


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Oli Larkin Dronebox

Category:  Products / music software / software effects

Added: 24-Jan-04  |  Author: admin

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Oli Larkin Dronebox

Dronebox is a VST effect that can turn your guitar into a sitar. It is a bank of six comb filters that resonate at a specified pitch. Each filter can take it’s pitch from either a Note name (eg C2), from a typed in frequency (in Hertz) or from the midi input (channels 1-6). There are detune, feedback, damping, pan and volume controls for each comb filter. There is a SV filter before the combs which can make the combs resonate better. A noise oscillator is also included to excite the comb filters. There are lfos for the filter, pan and pitch. There is a delay effect built in and a basic oscillator for reinforcing the drone. A pitch-bend slider can bend all the comb pitches and it can be quantised to move in semitones, tones, fifths or octaves. It can also quantise the pitch lfo.

How to use the plugin:
Dronebox is an insert effect. Put it on a prerecorded track or use it with realtime input (i play guitar through it). Select the pitches you want to resonate (usually the main pitches from a key or chord. Then tweak the other controls. If you want to change the resonant frequencies during a track, set the comb mode to M (midi) and create a midi track with your pitches that is sent to midi channel 1-7 (depending on which comb you are using or whether you are wanting to control the oscillator's pitch).

There is a bug with presets not changing properly I can't supply presets until this is fixed. I think it is a bug in synthedit. If anyone knows how to fix this please email me.

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Product:  Oli Larkin - Dronebox
Name: Pato Schmitt
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Activity: Hobby-ist
Date: 08-Jun-06


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'Oli Larkin Dronebox'

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