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Boss RCE-10


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Boss RCE-10

Category:  Products / fx & processors / other fx

Added: 04-Nov-07  |  Author: admin

New price: discontinued  |   S/H price: 50-60 quid

Boss RCE-10

The Boss RCE-10 Chorus ensemble - - Part of the classic Boss Micro-rack series which graced a huge amount of home studio's back in the 1980's.

Back in the days just before fostex brought us cheap multitrack reel to reels; cassette-based portastudios or 1/2 inch 8 tracks ruled the budget home studio world.

Of the common, cheap, but decent fx available at that time, we already had Rebis, who's 'rack & card' based FX system had become a common sight in many budget studios as had the similar Stdiomaster rack-range... Then there was a brand called Accessit with a cheap range of fx/proccessors too... and there were kits if you were a sparky person.

Boss decided to get in on the act, which made sense as they are the budget division of Roland corporation, who were already turning out a decent range of fx & processors of their own.

The Boss Micro range quickly became a firm favourite in the UK as a range of cheap but decent quality units perfect in both price and SIZE for the home studio enthusiast & smaller commercial studios.

Units could be bought individualy, and a 'master rack' could be purchased to house and power a whole set.

Individual units took a wall wart supply for their DC power, the optional 'rack' could have a distribution power unit to power the whole lot (RPW-7 Power unit).

I think you could also get an optionable pressed steel 19" rack bay to house 2 Units at a time in a convetional 19" studio rack.

The Mini-rack itself was a small plastic unit which had dinky but pointless 'grab-handles' moulded into the front sides. ... still.... it looked nice, the units worked well for their price, and lets face it, for the quickly expanding budget studio field they were perfect, and if you had a whole range the mini-rack had a small footprint being half-rack size so it could be easily placed on desktops etc & took up little room in what for many was bedroom studio use.

Other items in the Boss Micro Rack series range:

Boss RDD-10 Digital delay (great little delay, 400ms time)
Boss RDD-20 delay with longer delay time
Boss RSD-10 Sampling delay
Boss RPS-10 Pitch shifter/delay
Boss RPD-10 Panning Delay
Boss RCE-10 Chorus
Boss ROD-10 Distortion/Overdrive
Boss RPQ-10 Preamp/Param.EQ
Boss RBF-10 Flanger
Boss RRV-10 Reverb
Boss RGE-10 graphic eq
Boss RCL-10 compressor/limiter
Boss RPW-7 Power supply unit

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Boss RPS-10 missing to the "Other items in the Boss Micro Rack series range: "

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'Boss RCE-10'

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