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MDA (Maxim) MDA Piano


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MDA (Maxim) MDA Piano

Category:  Products / music software / software instruments

Added: 09-May-01  |  Author: admin

New price: free!!!  |   S/H price: Not listed

MDA (Maxim) MDA Piano

MDA software comes at you with two AMAZING free s/w synths!!!

The first is a piano plugin... sounds not to interesting, but trust!!.... this is perfect for all you house piano merchants... you're getting a piano that is WELL up to the standard and beyond of any GM, XG or GS piano synth... it's amazing & free!!!... blimey!

What you get is a no-nonsense piano emulator in a p*ss-easy to work with and learn control panel layout, with a good thumping sound... but it can also be 'sensitive' too... parameters include, Release & Decay, and one for 'stereo-width'... You also get an overall adjuster for the velocity sensitivity...

To further tailor the sound exactly to suit the track, you get two further sliders titled 'Hardness' & 'Muffle'... The Muffle dampens the sound from a softer (but STILL attacking) 70's disco/tape sound piano to hard & attacking & upfront 80's/90's house, so you can get the Piano to sit EXACTLY in the mix how you want it, and make the piano riff etc as dominant or not as you please... and the 'Hardness' moves the sound from, at it's lowest, a defined but warm piano sound, all the way up to an almost clavinet-sounding bite...

However, if you look at the image, you'll see that the 'Hardness' & 'Muffle' control have a dual feature.. Above is a BLUE slider 'V' and below is the GREEN slider 'V'... well the blue adjust each of the parameters' sensitivity to Velocity... so, define the AMOUNT of overall 'Muffle', and the velocity acts on it as set by the accompanying BLUE slider on the same row... Define the overall 'Hardness' and again, the Blue slider accompanying the green sets the velocity control of the 'Hardness'.. BRILLIANT!!...

And there's MORE control too.. Look to the lower left area of the applet, and you can see the section with little RED block style sliders.. The top one is for tuning, flat/sharp... The middle one add's modulation as it increases, so you can go from 'Flat', right up to a full mod' warbling 'Honkey-Tonk' sound... The lowest one?.. I dunno?.. heh heh... but regardless of that, the amount of control is amazing for such a compact, bijou & low-cpu-loading VSTi !!...

Also as is obvious, you can adjust the required polyphony up to 32 notes!.. wow! - It plays great from a keyboard super-fast response, and responds to pedals too!

It's FREE, and WELL worth adding to your arsenal.. To be frank, if super-realistic piano is NOT an issue for your tracks, this is EVERYTHING you need for clubsounds piano!!.. Opening multiple versions for arrangements is no sweat for your PC, and as I said, with all the fantastic control ability you can sit the piano JUST right in the mix EVERY time with a massive variety of sounds to suit any track style!

Brilliant!!.. I'm amazed!.. wave goodbye to your cheezy Soundcard piano... Get over to MDA, and checkout the other great stuff on offer, such as the MDA VST plugins... a drum sound synth, samples etc etc...

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Product:  MDA (Maxim) - MDA Piano
Name: pino
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Professional
Date: 21-May-03

please, i need the sounds for MDApiano.

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'MDA (Maxim) MDA Piano'

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