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MDA (Maxim) JX10


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MDA (Maxim) JX10

Category:  Products / music software / software instruments

Added: 09-May-01  |  Author: admin

New price: FREE!!!!!  |   S/H price: Not listed

MDA (Maxim) JX10

Here's another great VSTi freeware synth from MDA (MAXIM digital audio)... This isn't new, they've been there a while, but I went over tonight to catch up on what they are doing in the process of getting more VSTi's into the Dancetech site listings, and downloaded their superb DX10 & DMA Piano VSTi's, and this one, the MDA 'JX10'... I have been TOTALY knocked out by these MDA VSTi's, and the fact they are FREE (all of them) is quite weird when you checkout the quality... all 3 of them are superb and this JX10 is brilliant!!...

Sure, there are way deeper, more complexed synths around, but what you get with the JX10 is a no-nonsense easy to edit VSTi that offers a whole slew of recognisable sounds to use 'as-is' from the box, or to dial-up as starter points for custom edits.... Thumping basses, filtersweeps a-plenty, moogy basses, hoover-y saw's & biting detuned osc' sounds, JX dco horns, nice fat squarewave DCO style basses etc etc... It's a JX basicaly in the style of it's sounds, but I own a JX (an MKS rack) and this s/w is actualy fatter in some way...more analog sounding with less DCO fine-ness in it's sound.

So you get a ready to get good 'ole set of presets with the MDA JX10... but tweaking sounds is so easy too... you get a big old set of adjustable parameters as you can see from the image, and within seconds you've got a steaming bassline or whatever on the go.. and that's the key aint it?... speed!.. fast easy working... sometimes that is way preferable to super in-depth stuff... and a synth like this really gives a good solid easy bit of s/w with a superfat sound to get the foundations of your track together, in the studio or on a lappy on the road cos it's super-light on your PC CPU loading... you can add more esoteric stuff with other s/w if you need to.

The MDA JX10 is playable from your master keyboard with realtime super-low latency, it's just like playing a real hardware synth... you can flip thru the presets using your keyboards up/down patch-change adjuster, and you can assign or add in controller data like filter sweeps etc with ease!.... There's some nice touches like you get +/- env mod on the filter with a +/- slider which goes in either direction from its halfway mark, and the Vibrato slider controls PWM below the 50% mark & effects vibrato above the 50% mark... Setup a nice twin osc' with some PWM and some noise added, and wow!!... super percussive synthlines... heh heh, you can really get those JX 'carribian steel drum' sounds with a touch of snare noise percussion etc & pulsing lowfi-blippy 'thwunks' etc!! - - all in all it's got pretty much most of the JX parameters & it is VERY versatile, the basses really thump and the saws really hummmmmmmm !!! .... what more do you want?

The best is to get it downloaded, try it and see just how much FREE can get you nowadays... you'll be amazed too I'm sure... For all users it's a pure gift to be honest, but especialy to the cash strapped newbie who's just forked out for his or her first main sequencer s/w costing several hundreds, s/w's like this are a godsend helping you to make quality tracks without having to layout loads more for expensive s/w synths to make sounds...

get it downloaded ! - get all 3 downloaded in fact cos they make a wonderful package, each complimenting the other to make a real full arsenal of sounds - congrat's to MDA for the goods... quality stuff!

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Product:  MDA (Maxim) - JX10
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how do you d/l free plugs?

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'MDA (Maxim) JX10'

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