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Category:  Products / audio interfaces / soundcards (analog, adat, s/pdif)

Added: 15-Dec-98  |  Author: admin

New price: 699  |   S/H price: Not listed


The soundcard war hots up as we reach the end of the 98.... Surely they will become more prevelent as the money market switches to PC's and more manufacturers get their chips onto cards... but... where are the compromises ?...

The emu APS is not cheap.... it Uses the EMU/CREATIVE soundfonts to load up samples.... ther is a bunch of EMU soundfont cd's which claim to feature the best of the Emu hardware product voices...

It also has a synth chip on board... someone will no doubt tell us the chip until I can talk to Emu & get the spec's... but in essence, you get a synth & sampler using soundfonts... all in all 64 note poly of samples.... but I dunno if that includes the synth voices too....

Well, the RA demo's at the Emu site do sound good... they are very convincing, one demo is decent US style garage , with nasty FM organs the lot... so we'll presume the EMU Vintage Keys sounds are on the card somewhere!....

The card comes with a h/d & sequencer s/w... and an editor... the Vital questions if I were a potential buyer are these:

  1. Can I edit the soundfonts to merge sounds from different sets to load up for tracks I'm working on?
  2. Can I access & edit the sounds, (both samples & synth chip) simply, 'ON-THE-FLY'.. that is... whilst the sequencer s/w is playing the sounds....So i can step thu sounds as a pattern plays... find one & edit it to fit better or change it?
  3. Once I've edited a synth sound, where can I store it?
  4. can I access these facilities whilst my current favoured s/w sequencer is playing?
  5. How well do the drivers work with my current Sequencer & H/D s/w ?
  6. Are the FX accessible by the audio tracks of my sequencer s/w ?...
  7. Can I put different amounts of revern say on each of say 8 audio tracks on cakewalk or Logic?

Those are the key factors... because going on the demo only, it sounds very peachy...

Finally, is it all-in-all efficient enuff to use at that price, or would I be better getting a hardware unit by Emu, & a cheaper Creative card to handle soundfonts ?

I will get this card to demo asap after new DT is online.... I want to try it and also the SBLIve... in a real world setting, with Cakewalk, Logic, and VST...

Its got a 96bd SN spec.... Active-X will be implemented in a near-future update.... maybe that means it's fx etc will be active-x from that point, appearing on the FX lists of our favourite sequencer s/w's......

It's got a front panel drivebay section to plug into which also features a phantom powered mic socket apparently......

it has s/pdif, but i think it is set at 48K which is useless.... there may be support in the future it says, for more outputs... currently it has stereo out analog...

so.... These question I need to know If i were to spend that much money on a card... IF they can do those things... then it starts to look very good.... a PCI card....

Comments please then ... especially from users who are encountering the above issues..... I'll have a chat with EMU asap & try to get one to use....

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Product:  EMU - APS
Name: fango
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: part-timer
Date: 20-Aug-99

Saw this card at a Cubase demo last night. It looked really good. Not sure about editing sounds on the fly but it's something I'll think about.

Has made me start to seriously think about getting rid of my S2000 and mixer. I love the idea of the sound fonts if they keep putting more and more of them out.

Need to talk to some users before I go ahead and buy tho. Cost over here in Australia is $1195 which seems bloody cheap for all the power it has.


Waz in Oz

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Product:  EMU - APS
Name: faisal siddiqui
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: part-timer
Date: 05-Sep-99

hi kilo,
ur site is very helpfull for ppl like me
who r just starting in music i just have one question for u pls helop me out here
is it possible that u can seprate vocals
from a song by sampling it......or anyother way i just want o remix some old songs that's it pls. help me out here. thanx
take care

Product rating out of 5: 

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Product:  EMU - APS
Name: abuzittin
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Hobby-ist
Date: 24-Sep-99


Product rating out of 5: 

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Product:  EMU - APS
Name: Flash Mofo
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Professional,Hobby-ist
Date: 23-Dec-99

I've had the APS card for 6 months and I love it! Previously, I had the sbLive, Which, despite it's similarities, sucked. The EMU mixer allows you to add effects to individual midi channels, and tweak volume and pans easily, unlike the sbLive. The sampling end of things is where it's at- I never use my Akai sampler anymore...Saving snapshots of your sample banks allows you to easily expand the polyphony if you bounce to audio. Add the fact that recycle now exports soundfonts, and you really don't need an external sampler unless you are gigging out. With Cubase, the Asio drivers allow you to multitrack record. I don't think I would buy a card that didn't offer asio drivers, the differrence in sync is huge. My only complaints: The manual for Vienna sample editor sucks, although the program itself is good. Rewire is useless since rebirth only runs a 44.1khz- You can always save rebirth songs, convert the sample rate, then import...less CPU strain,as well...Make sure you have at least 64m ram! The 48khz. thing is really no big deal once you get used to it, Just make sure you understand that playing a 44.1 file at 48khz can cause the pitch/tempo to change in some apps. EMU offer a free sample rate converter on their site which negates this problem. Give me a shout if you have any questions, I'm very happy with this card and have it running very smoothly with my system.

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Product:  EMU - APS
Name: It's a Soli
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Professional,Hobby-ist
Date: 25-Dec-99

Editing on the fly? (Coming in a little late) Maybe! Have you heard of SoundFont Specification 2.1? Well, you get at least four new assigned controllers to play around with your SoundFont data entries in real time... (You should know that already) But you are right after all, the SoundBlaster Live! and it's missing real-time sound manipulation REALLY DOES SUCK!! DAMN! (The SB AWE32/64 is even better in that category!!) It's a total waste of the EMU10K1's processing power to let its 1000 MIPS calculate some crappy 3D game sounds e.t.c. (This opinion is made from the look of the musician) instead of letting it render some nice 8/16 different effects busses for MIDI playback AT ONCE. That would really be a kinda different life. Concerning the Vienna Editor (For SB Live!) - It really might have a wider aspect of editing modes for example for data sets that are almost equal all the time - that often sucks too!

Well, that is enought for now, fellows.
Happy holiday!

- It's a Soli.

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Product:  EMU - APS
Name: Tom Suaboszevsky
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: part-timer
Date: 29-Dec-01

APS is the best single audio card ever invented ! It sets the right direction
for future Music and Audio Industry.
There will be no stackable components
all will be done through PC interface
using powerfull audio processing features. APS in My opinion is
a revolutionary and powerfull audio component which is often unapriciated
by people who simply don't realize the
superpowerfull features and flexibility
of the card!!!

Product rating out of 5: 

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Last added comment

Product:  EMU - APS
Name: bambus
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: part-timer
Date: 18-Sep-03

searching for manual for emu esi 4000!

Product rating out of 5: 

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