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Hoontech Audio DSP24/96


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Hoontech Audio DSP24/96

Category:  Products / audio interfaces / soundcards (analog, adat, s/pdif)

Added: 18-Sep-01  |  Author: admin

New price: £150 ish street  |   S/H price: Not listed

Hoontech Audio DSP24/96

The Hoontech Audio DSP24/96 & adc/dac2000 rack system is very popular being probably the best value reliable asio 8x8 i/o rack system on the market. We use this package at the Dancetech offices in a test PC and it rocks!! - The card this package uses is the older 'Soundtrack' branded 'Audio dsp24/96' - Since then Hoontech have dropped the Soundtrack name for it's 'studio/musicians' gear products, and uses that name now only for their budget/multimedia card; the: 'SoundTrack Audio DSP24 Value'

Hoontech now have dropped the old Soundtrack Audio dsp24/96 completely and have the new mkII version... This new version is included now into Hoontech's new 'Pro' audio gear collection and so drops it's previous version name of 'Soundtracks Audio' - Instead it is simply called the Hoontech DSP24/96 MK2 .... it is upgraded in several ways to the original...

The DSP24/96 Mk2 card comes with the usual included large multi-pin breakout connector on it's face-plate. This connector was on the old version DSP24/96 and is used to attach the adc/dac2000 rack or other bolt-on's.... after that the new dsp24/96 mk2 differ's from the old one....

The old version besides the multi-pin connector also had mini-jack analog Line_in, Line_out & Mic_in socket's - rather amateurish for use as a standalone, but as most users bought the rack add-on with quality 1/4" i/o's & xlr's no-one bothered much.. but it didn't make the old Audio dsp2496 that good as stand-alone without the rack...

The MkII version dsp24/96 scrap's the minijack audio i/o's on the face-plate - instead you get an additional joystick-sized connector on the card's plate next to the larger multipin connector, and this joystick type connector allows Hoontech to offer a breakout cluster cable bunch for it's analog & dig s/pdif i/o -

Therefore you get balanced XLR's on the breakout and balanced s/pdif!!!!... Remember, no midi tho but you get the s/pdif bracket in the package and remember you can bolt-on an 8x8 i/o rack anytime!... Hoontech also do other smaller breakout boxes featuring midi ports - best to check their website for extra add-on's...

for more on this card as it's MK1 version & for how it and this new MK2 version configures with the adc/dac2000 rack system, load the Audio dsp24/96 & adc/dac2000 package review review page from the PCWare/Soundcards section of dancetech - in fact you'll see the system listed on the right-hand vertical column to the right of this page in the section: RELATED ITEMS - ('Audio DSP2496 + ADC&DAC2000')

This new version card is a good move for Hoontech as it provides quality i/o connections ready to go as stereo i/o with easy option to upgrade... many users who mebbe wanted to upgrade LATER may have been put-off by the older MK1 version's minijack connectors when using as stand-alone...

All in all the DSP24/96 MK2 is well worth a look for not only for it's price, excellent ASIO drivers and quality connections as well as for it's upgrade-ability to bigger things all on a great priced budget! - user comments please...

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