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Hoontech C-Port system


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Hoontech C-Port system

Category:  Products / audio interfaces / soundcards + breakout box

Added: 20-Nov-01  |  Author: admin

New price: £270-280 street inc vat  |   S/H price: Not listed

Hoontech C-Port system

The new Hoontech 'C-Port' system is the new-look product version of the older combination of dsp24/96 mk1 & adc/dac2000 rack all in a package/box with special Logic s/w included.

We bought the older version a year plus ago and raved about it ever since - It's the cheapest system worth looking at on the market, yet gives excellent value for money.

Here's what's in the package box....

For the full SP on this system, see the review of the older version cos they are indentical in use and design as the older version.. (see 'Related Items' link on the left side column of this page).

We'll be taking a look at the included 'Logic Soundtracks 24' s/w version and we'll add a review for that soon which you can look at.

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User Comments

Product:  Hoontech - C-Port system
Name: ixtlan
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: part-timer
Date: 14-Aug-02

this card is wicked!
of course it's not a MOTU (but it's not the same price) the DSP2000 Cport system is a hight quality direct to disk 10inputs/ouputs system, reliable, at an affordable price. The hardware is great and the software is very easy to use (even if i still have some little trouble with internal mixer under XP but i didnt install the latest driver wet...) really guys if you're looking for a DTD system and dont want to spend 1500euros in a MOTU you need this card. You can plug up to 4 cards and so have 40inputs/outputs... with a good mastering mixer and the outputs connected to the subgroups .. it's a perfect recording system in 24bits/96Khz!

Product rating out of 5: 

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Product:  Hoontech - C-Port system
Name: tavis
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Hobby-ist
Date: 15-Nov-03

BUY THIS!!! i've been nothing but pleased with the results. bought this being very scared, sounded way too good to be true. half the price of protools! the instructions aren't all that great, and i thought the software kinda sucked, but the hardware RULES! i use it with cool edit pro 2 for live tracking and couldn't be more happy with the results. i highly suggest buying this instead of protools, take the 400 bucks you'll save and go buy some nice condenser mic's, that's what i did. i recorded my bands entire last album with this product on my computer. check it out at http://www.thedisgracefuls.com

tavis disgraceful

Product rating out of 5: 

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Product:  Hoontech - C-Port system
Name: tavis
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: part-timer
Date: 07-Feb-04

bought this about a year ago to record my band, just didn't want to shell out the money for a protools system, so i thought i'd take a chance on the sta product. very happy with the results, for the price it simply can't be beat. didn't care for the software that came with it, i use C.E.P. 2.0 instead. still a rock solid purchase, check out the mp3's on www.thedisgracefuls.com. they were all recorded using the cport

Product rating out of 5: 

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Product:  Hoontech - C-Port system
Name: Terry Hubbard
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Professional
Date: 14-Jul-05

After 3 years of struggling with it, and I warranty replacement, I don't have anything good to say about this.

#1. The actual physical design is seriously flawed; I have had to resolder the XLR inputs 3 times, and when the warranty was up I had to drill mounting holes, and remount the XLRs. That's BS
#2. The headphone jack is also weak, and I have had to resolder it twice.
#3. The service/knowlege base is absolutely deplorable; I have been attempting to get functional multi track drivers for XP for two years, and all I get is a big run around.
#4. And worst of all is the machine noise that turns up in everything I record.

For any serious home studio enthusiast, I recommend serious investigatiopn before investing, and I don't recommend this sound card.

Product rating out of 5: 

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Last added comment

Product:  Hoontech - C-Port system
Name: Kebu
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: part-timer
Date: 16-Sep-09

This is a serious audio interface for the PC. Even at 2009, it is
still very competitive and a real contender, as long as you have the
space in your computer. The DSP24 card + the digital interface card
takes up one PCI-slot, but the digital interface card needs also to be
mounted to the back slot of the computer. However, micro-ATX-
motherboards do not have that many PCI-slots anyway, so you can mount
the digital interface card where it does not occupy any other card

As with PCI-cards in general, you can get a very low and working
latency (about 3 ms) with, for instance, the ASIO-drivers. One great
benefit of the card is that you can add up to four DSP24-cards, each
equipped with a C-Port, and use them for some serious multitracking
purposes: up to 40 ins/outs! I've just installed my second DSP2000-
system into my computer and it actually works very smooth. However,
when activating the additional input/outputs from the second card, I
noticed that some glitches in playback. After I had increased the
latency from 5 ms to 10 ms it worked great again. Apparently,
transferring data between the two cards adds some latency, but the
automatic latency compensation in my Cubase SL 1.06 works well enough.
But do to the additional latency it is not so convenient to record
using plugin-effects while monitoring the signal. On the other hand,
you can use direct monitoring.

A word of warning though for microATX-motherboard users: I noticed
that the cooler of my PCI-E graphic card took so much physical space
that it in practice occupied the nearby PCI-slot. Since my computer
only has two PCI-slots, I had to permanently remove my graphic card
and start using my motherboard's integrated graphic card instead.

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'Hoontech C-Port system'

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