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Korg 800 DV


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Korg 800 DV

Category:  Products / synthesisers / analog synthesisers

Added: 21-Dec-98  |  Author: admin

New price: discontinued  |   S/H price: .....???

Korg 800 DV

Ok.... I'm gonna add all the old vintage synths... not that i've used them all myself.. but i'm gonna dd the spec's then people can add comments based on real-life use.... so , as i had nothing to do today, i thought i'd start to add them as basic page templates... then add the spec's later....so...

Here's the KORG 800DV....

  • VCO x2: Scale (64', 32', 16', 8', 4', 2'), Waveform (triangle, square, sawtooth, pulse, PWM), Pink Noise, White Noise, Coarse Tuning, Fine Tuning, Vibrato Switch (Normal/Off/Delay), Vibrato Depth, Vibrato Speed, Pitch Bend Switch (Up/Off/Down), Delay Time, Bend Speed, Portamento Control
  • SUB OSC x2: Scale (32', 16', 8', 4', 2'), Ring, Mixing Control
  • VCF x4: Traveler (High Pass, Low Pass), Bright Selector, Expand Selector
  • VCA x2 + ENVELOPE GENERATOR x2: Attack Time, Singing Level, Range Selector, Mode Selector
  • LFO x2: PWM + Vibrato
  • REPEAT: Mode Selector, Speed, Duty
  • KEY TRANSPOSE: Selector x2
  • VOLUME: Upper, Lower
  • INPUTS x4: External Traveler Control x2 (DIN Jack), Accessories x2
  • OUTPUTS x4: Accessories x2, Upper, Lower
  • DIMENSIONS: 803(W) x 160(H) x 430(D) mm

  • WEIGHT: 16.5 kg
  • ACCESSORIES: Music Rack, Connection Cord, Dust Cover
  • POWER CONSUMPTION: Voltage (Local Voltage, 50/60Hz), Wattage (30W)

  • ......... please add your comments

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    Product:  Korg - 800 DV
    Name: Brian
    Email: Email supplied but hidden
    Date: 14-Jul-01

    The 800dv is essentially 2 Korg 700s synths stacked on 1 keyboard. The 800dv came out in '74 so theres no midi or any sort or external control for that matter, but this baby can produce some SCREAMING basslines! Great for dnb... check out the link for more info on all the Minikorgs.

    Product rating out of 5: 

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    Product:  Korg - 800 DV
    Name: Mike Hendo
    Email: Email supplied but hidden
    Activity: Hobby-ist
    Date: 12-Oct-07

    The Korg 800DV or Multivox K3 is imo one of the best mono synths ever made. Up there with the very best of the best.
    No matter how you turn the knobs or set the sliders, it alway's sounds exceptional good. It has an unusual layout and some strange functions. But once you know how it works, you can go from a lovely sweet tone to a brutal monster screem in a flick of a switch and a twitch of a knob.
    This goes for all the old Korg mono's, because they all sound prety much the same. The 800DV/K3 is the top of that line and has the greatest range of sounds.

    Product rating out of 5: 

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    Product:  Korg - 800 DV
    Name: wallace
    Email: Email supplied but hidden
    Activity: Hobby-ist
    Date: 20-Jan-09

    help! i really want to check the program setting examples / patch book for this synth, please email me if u wanna sell/give me an original/a scan, i would be really chuffed to hear what they intended it to sound like

    Product rating out of 5: 

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    Product:  Korg - 800 DV
    Name: pavel
    Email: Email supplied but hidden
    Activity: Hobby-ist
    Date: 12-Feb-10

    Korg 800 DV

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    Last added comment

    Product:  Korg - 800 DV
    Name: teresa addy
    Email: Email supplied but hidden
    Activity: part-timer
    Date: 13-Feb-15

    I owned two of these synths the first I bought brand new for 550.00 and it was on sale. I had the music rack, both books . the preset book had sounds like bells, strings and some horns and I believe a couple of leads. I sold my first one in 2003 or so for 1000.00 with all the accessories serial number 00234. I missed it so I found another on Ebay in 2011 for 1600.00 with cv and trigger jacks on the back the serial number on this one is 00203 so these were early ones, both of these sold under the Univox label as K-3. I've been trying to get this one to work with a Kenton box but for some reason it wont work with it, the box will drive my Yamaha cs's with no problem. Ive been hoping my old will show up on ebay someday so I try and buy it back. my first one was never gigged with stayed in the studio so it was in good shape except for the wear on the silk screening near the volume control

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    'Korg 800 DV'

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