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Behringer BCR 2000


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Behringer BCR 2000

Category:  Products / midi & controllers / generic midi controller

Added: 21-Sep-04  |  Author: admin

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Behringer BCR 2000

BEHRINGER BCR2000 B-CONTROL ROTARY, Total Recall USB/MIDI Controller with 32 lit up Encoder Knobs , 4 virtual Groups with 8 Dual-Mode Encoder, 16 + 4 lit up Knobs with free allocatable MIDI-Functions, Learn-Mode, 2 Foodswitch connectors, 32 User-Presets, 1 MIDI Input and 2 MIDI Outputs (as USB/MIDI-Interface useable), LED Realtime-Display, MIDI-Input with Merge-Function, Generic USB MIDI supported with Windows & Mac OS


11/6/05 - update - One of the guys on the SoS forums needed a controller quick for a gig because his had broken down. he put a shout out on the SoS forum, but no-one replied so we offered him the BCR for the gig and asked him in return for a short mini-review about his experience with the unit - Here's what he says about using the BCR live with only a very short time to get it setup for the gig:

Behringer BCR2000 in live use

It was a rather sudden instance that I found myself using the Behringer BCR2000 for live use as I was left without a necessary controller after my previously well-enduring G-Media (formally Keyfax) Phat Boy midi controller broke down just a few days before I was due to perform my first gig in my current band. Fortunately the guys at Dancetech were able to lend me their BCR just a day before the gig so it was under interesting circumstances that I find myself reviewing such an item that I had just 24 hours to learn how to use and get set up with my gear ready to be used in performing our songs. A good test of an items ease of use and flexibility I'm sure!


My gigging set up revolves around a simple shuttle PC with the songs mostly pre-prepared within Nuendo and sounds being generated by Reaktor acting as a vsti within Nuendo. Some parts were pre-sequenced whereas others would be performed via keyboard with Reaktor manipulated by the BCR.


I was pleasantly surprised to find that setting up the BCR to control parameters within Reaktor was an absolute breeze - the BCR was fitted in to the midi chain between the keyboard going in to its midi in and the midi out from the BCR going to the midi in on my soundcard. Nothing needed to be configured to allow the midi signals from the keyboard through and assigning pots on the BCR to respective pots on my Reaktor instruments was a simple case of switching on midi learn within Reaktor, choosing the control on screen that I wanted the BCR to manipulate, and then twiddling a pot on the BCR so that Reaktor detected what CC was attempting to affect that control, and the on screen pot then followed the movement of the BCR's pot perfectly. I then repeated this for all of the controls within Reaktor I wanted the BCR to manipulate and saved the Reaktor instruments and I was ready to go.


Despite some minor cock-ups setting up my gear for the gig, everything went beautifully. The BCR performed exactly as expected - no weird behavior or erroneous assignments causing embarrassments, and despite different songs and different instruments having quite different settings, the BCR controlled exactly what I had assigned it to control in exactly the right way. It was also very cool to have something impressive looking covered in flashing lights on stage with me!


It is a shame I did not have more time to try out some of its more advanced features - it would have been nice to set it up so that the feedback worked both ways and so controlling things within Reaktor would affect the position of the controls on the BCR, but considering the time limit I was pleased enough to get it working so well. I'll definitely be buying one of these in good time for our next gig as once I have everything completely integrated I would imagine it will become indispensable.

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Product:  Behringer - BCR 2000
Name: devon williams
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: part-timer
Date: 07-Sep-09

i have the bcf 2000 for a while now. i am experiancing problems with my faders. when you move the faders up and down, the screen in the corner indicates on what increment the fader is right... now 5 og the 8 faders are indicating that they are bieing moved without me touching them. When i am in fruity loops, you can actually see what happens on the mixer. its like they are confused. can you also help find replacement potentiometers cos 5 of my stems that go in them are broken of.

Devon Williams
Fruity loops house producer

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'Behringer BCR 2000'

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