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Behringer Edge


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Behringer Edge

Category:  Products / synthesisers / analog synthesisers

Added: 18-Oct-23  |  Author: admin

New price: £159  |   S/H price: na

Behringer Edge

The £159 GBP Behringer Edge doesn't emulate any vintage or classic old unit although some have noticed it is very close in terms of the sounds it can make to the Moog DFAM.


Marketed as a percussion synth, we've included it in this section as it is indeed a 100% pure analog signal path Behringer semi-modular synth which can also do 'synth' sounds, albeit you aren't going to choose this one for lush analog polyphonic pads.


The Edge is a two VCO analog polysynth with a multi-mode filter and a built-in sequencer which can run at tempos up to a staggering 10,000 BPM (yes, TEN thousand BPM) allowing sequenced patterns to be run at speed where they become new sounds in their own right. Sequencer steps can pitch mod either both VCO's or just VCO 2 (or off for both), so melodic patterns can also be created.


The two Edge oscillators can be Pulse or Triangle, with oscillator sync switching. Each Oscillator has a bi-polar Envelope control to dial in Pitch-modulation blips, clicks thuds, thumps and squelches or reversed Nintendo style jump sounds or syndrum type hits, with both Envelope controls being then effected by the master Env Generator Decay control for overall pitch mod speed.


The final output VCA envelope is not a staged affair but rather sticks with the percussive theme by offering a simple Fast/Slow VCA Attack switch & Decay & Level controls. The Oscillators can have noise added with the addition of White or Pink noise switching & level.


The filter section is switchable Hi/Low pass 24dB Octave ladder type and the Cutoff can be controlled by the Noise amount or an external source if patched in

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'Behringer Edge'

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