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Behringer 2500 Series


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Behringer 2500 Series

Category:  Products / synthesisers / analog synthesisers

Added: 18-Oct-23  |  Author: admin

New price: £50 - £90 per module  |   S/H price: na

Behringer 2500 Series

Behringer's Euro-rack sized, all-analog circuit accurate emulations of the classic 1970's ARP 2500 System & again, like with Behringer's other classic analog emulations these ARP modules have garnered praise & a solid reputation for being as accurate & on-the-money as you could possibly want, and at an incredibly affordable price of less than £100 GBP per module!  You can either build an ARP modular system with modules only from this series, or mix and match them with any of the Moog modular or 100m emulations and/or any other of the Behringer modules which are not emulations. You can of course obviously use any of these with any of Behringer semi-modular synths or modular components from any other manufacturer. These modules will work in any Euro-rack standard system including those sold by Behringer.

The 2500 Series range consists of a total of 10 modules:


The OSCILLATOR MODULE 1004 is a classic analog dual core oscillator module.


The CLOCKED SEQUENTIAL CONTROL MODULE 1027 - a classic 8-step 3 channel sequencer.

The MIX-SEQUENCER MODULE 1050 is a classic 8-channel mixer/sequencer.


The DUAL ENVELOPE GENERATOR MODULE 1003, with 8 independent controls for Attack Time, Initial Decay Time, Sustain level from 0 to 10 Volts and Final Decay Time.

The DUAL ENVELOPE GENERATOR MODULE 1033, with 10 independent controls for Gate Delay, Attack Time, Initial Decay Time, Sustain level from 0 to 10 Volts and Final Decay Time

The DUAL NOISE/RANDOM VOLTAGE MODULE 1016 is a classic discrete transistor white/pink/random noise source with independent attenuators for the white/pink noise level, a white /pink selector switch.


The MULTIMODE FILTER/RESONATOR MODULE 1047 is a classic voltage controlled 12 dB per octave state variable filter, the filter is a matched transistor design for a vintage sound.

The FILTAMP MODULE 1006 is a classic voltage controlled 24 dB per octave low pass filter, the filter is a matched transistor ladder design followed by a matched transistor VCA for a vintage sound.

The MODAMP MODULE 1005 is a feature rich ring modulator to create metallic and bell-like sounds as well as many other modulation effects.


The SAMPLE & HOLD/RANDOM VOLTAGE MODULE 1036 is a classic analog sample and hold module.

The 2500 Series modules at today's date (28-9-23) are typically priced between £50 & £90 GBP.

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'Behringer 2500 Series'

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