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Behringer V-Amp 2


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Behringer V-Amp 2

Category:  Products / fx & processors / multi-fx

Added: 22-Dec-05  |  Author: admin

New price: 95.00 Euros - 69 GBP  |   S/H price: Not listed

Behringer V-Amp 2

Just treated myself to a very cheap christmas present - one of those cheap Behringer guitar processors - V-AMP 2 - and it's is awesomely good for such a pitance!

I saw it in a shop and thought, "yeah, i've seen this online for ages and i wonder what they are like compared to Line-6" (which i've tried extensively)

well i gotta say, ok, the kidney-shaped Line-6 equivilent unit is in a metal diecast shell... the behringer one is plastic, and sure it does feel cheaper & lighter etc, but damned, for 69 quid (a pair of trainers) it's amazingly good!.. The plastic shell seems thick & fairly robust thro, quite similar to the casing on say a Behringer BCF/BCR unit or a typical synth. The pots on the unit are of similar quality to those found again on units like the BCF/BCR controllers, and like the BCF/BCR controllers, the V-AMP uses the same rotary LED lighting around the outside of the pots to show settings even under low light conditions. Nice touch!

The actual unit is quite small on display in the shop, but the box when you buy it is bloody huge!!... I wondered why when the guy fetched it out of the store room, but there's more in the box!

You get a VERY decent rucksack/laptop-bag fabric carrying case which is nicely padded all around the inside to porotect the unit while travelling... The rucky-case comes with a shoulder strap & briefcase style handle for transportation.... and it's decent thick woven fabric, very sturdy, with a fairly decent quality zip (nylon teeth, not metal, but then hey, my Berghaus rucky has plastic zips too and they ARE very good rucksacks)

You get the unit itself, a power supply, and also a solid metal UP/DOWN pedal thrown in too!...

The pedal is of VERY sturdy construction, made of formed steel plate with large footswitches and a backing of neoprene rubber to stop slippage when in use.... the lead for the switcher unit is VERY long too!... about 5 meters!!.. That is plenty of length to EASILY allow the unit to be positioned out of harms way for local gigs in any typical stage size you'd find in pubs and smaller clubs, so you could combine this as an fx unit & tone-switcher unit with a proper amp/cab rig for live gigs!

I cant wait to try it thru my big old Marshall rig!.... Soundwise?.. well honestly to my ears it sounds just as good as a Line-6!... Certainly it has just as good quality bottom-end as the Line-6 to my ears... these 'modellers' will never give you the bottom-end 'chunk' of a real valve rig, but this is as good as a Line-6 to my ears in that department.

As for reliability, well, that can't be said yet, but I know from heavily investigating Line-6 gear that their gear has been prone to breakdown and OS glitches in the past even on their top-end HD147 heads, so this Behringer could be just as reliable & subject to no more chance of problems as the brand-leader... certainly to my ears it sound really decent especialy considering the rediculous price... you could chuck it away and buy a new one each year and it'll cost you slightly over a quid a week (5 packs of rizlas roughly per week!)


Lets shred!! - seriously, try one if you need some sort of guitar input for your home setup!... This is awesome, cos also i can now travel with my guitar/gig-bag AND have something to practice & play thru!.. perfect!.. I always don't bother to take a guitar with me when going away for a few days cos i dont have any sort of amp to use & acoustic's are so bulky to travel with, but this is perfect for that!... It's just the perfect thing to keep by the sofa or bed for those late-night 'Noodling while vaguely watching TV' moments (you know what I mean any guitarists out there!).. Instant practice without the hassle of setting up some amp/pedals & then trying to get a low volume so as not to piss-off the beighbours at 3am!

Well done Behringer!... dunno where they get the modelling chip from, but it sounds ok!

Check 'em out seriously!... hey, it's even got a tuner in it! and the main headphone volume IS loud enuff to rock out with high-gain amp models!

The price: 69 quid!.. lol ... what a total BARGAIN! (as long as it doesn't crap out on me after a few weeks that is, lol)

I bet one of these with an old analog synth would rock-ass for live shows to add fx, overdrive etc!

it also has +4 & -10 balanced and unbalanced stereo line out, not bad! - it even has an additional AUX input for a drumbox or whatever with it's own volume adjuster, & MIDI in/out/thru.. cool!

Anyways, there it is... impressive cheap as chips stuff!... My old smaller


Behringer V-Amp, 125 Programms incl. Bag and 2 channel footswitch for 5 Patches. Now with 32 Amp Simulations, 15 Speaker Simulations, 16 Effect combinations 24-bit stereo (inc.. Ping-Pong Delay, Phaser, Auto Wah, Rotary, Tremolo, Chorus, Flanger). Midi in - out, Aux in (for CD Player/drumbox etc.)

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