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Behringer B2092A Subwoofer


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Behringer B2092A Subwoofer

Category:  Products / studio monitors / active studio monitors

Added: 09-Aug-05  |  Author: admin

New price: 132.66 UKP - 198.00 Euros  |   S/H price: Not listed

Behringer B2092A Subwoofer

Behringer B2092A Subwoofer - High-power 360-Watt amplifier delivers extreme dynamic range, with linear bass reproduction down to 32 Hz, 2 long-excursion 8' loudspeakers with deformation-resistant aluminum die-cast chassis for minimal distortion even at highest volume levels, Dedicated Left, Right and Center XLR inputs and outputs for all stereo and surround applications, Incredible low-frequency enhancement for BEHRINGER TRUTH studio monitors or any other professional monitoring system, Innovative band-pass filter enclosure design yields excellent dynamic response and linearity, Active crossovers at 80 Hz provide precise frequency band separation and minimal phase shift, Overload-protection circuitry ensures optimal speaker protection, Flexible adaptation to virtually every acoustic environment via Phase and Room Compensation controls, Footswitch connector for remotely controllable A/B comparison (footswitch not included)

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Product:  Behringer - B2092A Subwoofer
Name: Oscar Stankard
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Hobby-ist
Date: 19-Aug-06

Bought this about a month ago and its been quite good. it gives good sub 100 Hz extension to my Acoustic Energy (AE) EVO1s. i was thinking of getting the matching AE EVO1 sub but saw this at half the price and twice the wattage. im a bit of a bass head but im also an audiophile and you cant have the best of both worlds at this price. the sub never realy sounds in time with the music and isnt very punchy and tight, possibly a result of the band pass/hornloaded design. the sub goes very low indeed with out much rolloff but i would trade this in an instant for a front loaded normal sub now. also the sub handles rolling basslines very nicely with quite an even spread of power throughout the frequency range but kick drum sounds are not produced very convincingly sounding more like a deep fart than a nice tight kick drum sound. Kick drums are often lost in the sea of a rolling bassline and the limmiter light flashes brightly on the kick drum showing that there is not much headroom in the amp. also you will have to shell out for a pair of balanced XLR cables as nothing other than a power lead is included (2 if you want to use the passthrough) i think XLR is overkill on a product of this level. possibly the biggest flaw of this product is the ease with which it overheats, the ventelation is non existant with next to no air moving through the tiny ventilation grills as thick spunge covers the inside (presumably to protect from dust). if you play the sub at 70% the unit will get too hot to touch and shut down protection will be trigered within half an hour.

the sub is well priced and will make music with good bass content sound much heavyer but its not refined and as the title says 'you get what you pay for'

oh and it weighs a TON and is massive

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Product:  Behringer - B2092A Subwoofer
Name: Umberto
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Hobby-ist
Date: 31-Mar-08

I saw in your webside the "Behringer b2092a" and I'm going to place
Could you let me know how much the delivery in Italy (Milan)
VAT included ?
Thank you in advance for your answer

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'Behringer B2092A Subwoofer'

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