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Yamaha TX16W


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Yamaha TX16W

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Added: 20-Jan-06  |  Author: admin

New price: discontinued  |   S/H price: 60-100 quid or more

Yamaha TX16W

The TX16W was Yamaha's only foray into the burgeoning 80's sampler market, but it didn't really hit, as Akai & Ensoniq & to a lesser extent E-mu offered better affordable products. The TX16W is a 12-bit sampler which physicaly resembles the early Yamaha FX units of that time in terms of the casing & 2-line LCD display. The TX16W offers sampling rates of 50 kHz mono, and 33 kHz stereo sampling. Its uses digital filters, and the user can choose 17 different filter types, with 1 filter per 'voice'.

One advantage this sampler DID have at the time was 8 individual outputs as well as the usual stereo out. Samples are stored on 720k 3.5" floppy disks & It shipped with 1.5MB of RAM but is expandable up to 6MB which again, at the time was quite decent. The TX16W uses a Motorola 68000 processor.

Like with all these early samplers, the Operating System has to be loaded from disk when ithe unit boots, and the OS was a total pig according to user reviews around the www, however, NuEdge Development created the Typhoon 2000 OS for the TX16W, offering a different user interface, faster load time, less RAM usage, and more features, such as new filters.

You can find the Typhoon stuff here:

Typhoon OS

Typhoon is a replacement operating system for the Yamaha TX16W sampling synthesizer. The first version was released back in 1994 and it quickly became the obvious choice of operating system for the TX16W community. For years they had struggled with a slow and clumsy sampler. With the introduction of Typhoon OS these days were blown away for good. Not only did Typhoon improve the stability and speed of the TX16W; it also provided features that were comparable to or even surpassed those found on the top samplers at that time.

The main benefits of using Typhoon compared to the original Yamaha operating system are:

  • Typhoon is easy. The user interface is well structured and extremely consistent which makes learning and using Typhoon a breeze.
  • Typhoon is fast. For instance, the startup time is merely 20 seconds. All menus are loaded into system memory so access to different functions is always instant.
  • Typhoon is small. Compared to the Yamaha OS, Typhoon requires almost 500kb less in waveform memory. This is in effect one third of the 1.5Mb that the TX16W is equipped with as standard.
  • Audio file compression to save time and space (30 to 60% savings).
  • Automatic loop finder, pitch tracker and wave trimmer.
  • Destructive editing (death of the edit buffers).
  • Dynamic voice allocation (with priority possibilities).
  • Eight free modulators per channel with 14 sources and 12 destinations.
  • Incremental saving allows you to save only modified data.
  • Intelligent file system (handles multiple versions of a file, keeps track of where files are stored etc...).
  • Monophonic portamento mode and several other new playing modes.
  • New 25 kHz sampling rate.
  • New voice architecture with groupable parameters and much more.
  • Object oriented management of items (create, rename, copy, swap and delete).
  • Pre-triggered sampling threshold (prevents loss of transients).
  • Reads and writes AIFF format files (accepted by most sample editors).
  • Resample utility for any sampling rate between 3 and 50 kHz.
  • Stereo mode with pan parameter (requires two channels).
  • Stereo waves treated as a single wave.
  • Two independent LFOs and two four-stage envelopes per channel.
  • Up to 250 performances, 250 voices and 250 waves in memory.
  • Up to four times faster loading and saving.

As of the 1st of January year 2000 a new version of Typhoon, called Typhoon 2000, is available to download for free at this site.

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