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Yamaha 01V


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Yamaha 01V

Category:  Products / mixing desks / analog mixers

Added: 09-Mar-02  |  Author: admin

New price: discontinued  |   S/H price: approx 500 GBP - 500 USD

Yamaha 01V

Yamaha 01V Digital Mixer - Rack-mountable, full-featured programmable digital mixer with 24 inputs (including 16 built-in analog inputs with +48V phantom powering on 12 channels) plus 8 optional digital inputs (all formats available)

If you're ready for your first digital mixer, or if you could use a rack-mountable, full-featured programmable digital mixer with 24 inputs to tidy up an elaborate music system that's not as flexible as you'd like, then you're ready for the Yamaha 01V Digital Mixing console.

The awesome offspring of the ProMix01, 02R and 03D line - the world's most popular family of digital mixers - the 01V is an enormously powerful digital mixer in its own right, featuring a wealth of professional-level signal routing, processing and mixing options, as well as crystal clean sound with 105dB dynamic range - and even the capability to easily link another 01V for 48 input channels - all at an enticing entry-level price.

Ideal Digital Mixer
The 01V is the ideal digital mixer for project studios, broadcast, private studios, live sound applications, and more. Simply the most flexible digital mixer available for the money, the 01V will let you take your music wherever you want to go - and deliver it in style.

Input Channels
24 input channels, including 16 built-in analog inputs (with +48V phantom powering on 12 channels), plus 8 optional digital inputs (ADAT, TSCAM, AES/EBU formats available).

4 freely assignable analog outputs, plus expansion options for 4 additional analog outputs, or 8 assignable digital outputs.

Expansion Slot
Digital I/O expansion slot for optional multitrack recorder interface card (ADAT, TSCAM, AES/EBU format options), plus other card options.

Coaxial-Type Digital Stereo Input and Output
Coaxial-type digital stereo input and output, and balanced XLR-type stereo outputs.

Panel Controls
Centrally located, dedicated panel controls for the four bands of EQ - just like the 02R - and a dedicated pan control.

Multi-Effects Processors
Two internal stereo multi-effects processors with the same DSP as the Yamaha ProR3 and REV500, and an effects library with 42 preset programs and 57 user programs.

Input/Output Delays
Input Delays of up to 250ms and output delays of up to 300ms.

Dynamics Processors
22 dynamics processors permitting individual dynamics processing, and a dynamics library with 40 preset programs and 40 user programs.

Scene Memory
99 scene memories for instant recall of mixer settings at the touch of a button, or recall via MIDI program change messages.

Data Copy and Swapping
Channel data copy and swapping, flexible effect routing, dedicated controls for EQ and pan, and dedicated effect return signal control section.

Comprehensive MIDI implementation which permits automated mixing via program change, control change and system exclusive messages received from an external sequencer, plus MMC capability and user definable remote control options.

Fast Internal Processing and Super Sonic Specs
Fast and reliable internal digital audio processing, as well as LCD refreshing and fader control, is guaranteed by Yamaha's custom 32-bit DSP chips. Uncompromising sonic quality and performance are guaranteed by 20-bit, 128-times oversampling ADs on each input. The 20-bit, 8-times oversampling DAs on the stereo outputs, as well as 18-bit, 8-times oversampling DAs on the Omni outputs and monitor outputs and 44-bit EQ processing provides crystal clean sound.

Optional Expansion Cards with Maximum Compatibility
The 01V's mini YGDAI (Yamaha General Digital Audio Interface) slot located on the rear panel provides a convenient means for expanding your mixing power. Cards are available separately which provide an additional 8 digital inputs and 8 assignable digital outputs for direct digital connection to major modular digital multitrack recorders i.e. the Alesis ADAT, Tascam DA88/DA38, and AES/EBU format systems. The digital outputs can be configured as bus outs, aux sends, direct outs, or stereo outs.

Streamlined Panel Design Makes Operation Easy and Intuitive
If you've never operated a Yamaha digital mixer before, you'll be pleasantly surprised to discover how convenient and natural the overall "feel" of the 01V is, as well as how quickly you'll be able to master the operation of it. The 01V's panel layout makes access to all features and adjustment of parameter values as quick and easy as the press of one of the many dedicated buttons and spin of the dedicated data dial.

The large 320 x 80 dot LCD provides plenty of visual feedback of mixer status, and an LED on each panel button lights to indicate which parameter is currently selected. Pressing the HOME button once or more lets you call up one of a number of screens which provide instant views of overall mixer status, while VIEW screens give you at-a-glance confirmation of the various channel settings.

Control Panel
Channel and Stereo Master control is easy. Dedicated ON buttons let you select only what you want to hear. Pressing a SEL (Select) button displays channel or Master status in the LCD, and each channel has a dedicated SOLO button for singling out a specific track for aural scrutiny. Access to channel pan position, as well as EQ settings, effect send levels and dynamics settings is also convenient, thanks to dedicated buttons which you can press to display the respective settings in the LCD.

Flexible Input/Output Configuration and Signal Routing
The 01V's flexible configuration of inputs and outputs and signal routing capabilities makes it suitable for an extremely wide range of recording, main mixing, submixing and even live mixing applications. Included are 12 analog input channels and 2 stereo inputs - making a total of 16 inputs - plus 4 "Omni" outputs which are freely assignable, along with a main stereo mix bus and stereo monitor outputs.

All analog inputs are equipped with latest generation 20-bit AD and DA converters, which let the 01V achieve over 105dB dynamic range from analog input to output. There are also stereo 2-track inputs and outputs for direct connection to an analog 2-track recorder for master mixes, and even coaxial-type digital stereo input and output for direct connection to a digital 2-track recorder such as DAT or MD.

Individual Channel PEQ
The 01V's parametric equalizers and onboard dynamics processors provide the same tried and true, professional quality signal processing as the 02R, since they use the same Yamaha custom 32-bit DSP, and feature the same parameters selected after close consultation with the world's top professional recording engineers.

Comprehensive libraries of preset EQ and dynamics settings provide a great place to start or for reference, and plenty of user programs are available to store your own.

EQ Bands
There are 26 four-band parametric EQs which are available for all 16 individual channel inputs, the 2 onboard stereo effects returns, the 4 aux sends, and main stereo outputs. (A 2-band PEQ is available for optional digital input channels 17-24.) Each of the four EQ bands has a range from 20 Hz to 20kHz which can be adjusted in 1/12 octave steps, and a 0.1-10 Q range.

High and Low
High and low EQ bands can be configured as shelving or peaking, with the high band capable of being configured as LPF, and the low band as HPF. EQ gain settings range from -18 to +18dB. EQ settings can also be copied between channels via the equalizer library.

The EQ library's collection of 40 preset EQ programs include specific settings which can be applied to everything from acoustic and electronic instruments to percussion to vocals. Including the 40 memories for storing your own EQ settings, a total of 80 EQ programs are available for instant recall.

Dynamics Processors
There are 22 onboard dynamics processors for 16 individual channels, 4 aux sends, and main stereo outs which provide a choice of compressor, expander, gate, ducker and compander functions to apply to individual channel as well as stereo inputs. Any input channel (1-16 or Stereo input) can be used as a key trigger.

2 Onboard Effects
Two of the 01V's 6 aux sends are "hot-wired" directly to the onboard 32-bit effects processors which utilize the same DSP and some of the same algorithms as Yamaha's professional ProR3 and REV500 models. There are 42 basic preset effects which make up a library of various reverb, delay, echo, chorus, flange, pitch shifting and other effect types to choose from, as well as freeze (sampling) and guitar amp simulation effects.

4 Omni Outputs
Besides the 2 onboard effects, the 4 Omni outputs can be used as additional auxiliary sends. Thus, the 01V has powerful submixing applications with as many as 6 effects available for signal processing. The 01V also features channel input delays of up to 250ms which are useful for microphone-placement compensation for live recording and video editing.

60 mm Motorized Faders with Channel Pairing
The 01V's 60 quick-response 60mm motorized faders serve multiple functions. Besides their role as conventional mixer faders to adjust channel output signal levels, they also function as auxiliary send level controls for each of the 4 aux sends and onboard effects aux send level controls. When a scene memory is recalled, the faders automatically position themselves to the levels stored; when an aux or effects function is selected, they position themselves precisely at the send level settings.

Fader Grouping
The 01V's channel Group function lets you configure 3 separate fader groups and 3 separate mute groups which work independently so you can build up complicated mixes quickly. Moving one fader within a group will automatically adjust the other faders in the group by the same relative amount. Similarly, pressing one ON button in a mute group will automatically turn the other channels in the group on or off.

Stereo Pairing
A stereo pairing function is handy for linking adjacent odd/even number channels, with panning either independent or "ganged". When channels are paired, moving either channel fader will automatically adjust the other channel level by the same amount. The 4 aux sends and 4 bus outs can also be paired.

Comprehensive MIDI Functions
A true product of the digital age, the 01V features MIDI IN, OUT and THRU terminals which permit control of all parameters in real-time using MIDI Control Change and System Exclusive messages, providing Dynamic Automation via MIDI. You can "record" all fader movements, channel on/off selections, scene selections, effect selections, panning, EQ and other parameter adjustments to an external MIDI sequencer, then have the sequencer "play" them back in order to create an automated mixdown.

MIDI Bulk Dump
You can perform MIDI bulk dump operations to a MIDI data filer (such as the Yamaha MDF3 MIDI Data Filer) or MIDI sequencer to save your scene data, as well as user EQ, dynamics and effects programs. 01V faders and user definable buttons in the menu can be used to control other MIDI devices such as digital audio recorders and processors via MMC (MIDI Machine Control) commands.

User-Definable Remote Control
The 01V's MIDI remote function is extremely powerful. MIDI remote allows the 01V's motorized faders to remotely control the internal levels in a digital audio workstation, and then - at the press of a button - the faders can be used to edit the internal parameters of an external effects processor. You can define which MIDI command can be transmitted along with fader movement or channel on/off without affecting the performance of the internal processor.

A TO HOST (RS422) port permits direct connection to a personal computer without a MIDI interface. You can also use it to connect two 01Vs for double the mixing power. The 01V Link function allows multiple mixers to behave like one mixer which gives you the freedom to build any size digital recording and mixdown system you want.

Sampling FrequencyInternal: 44.1 kHz; External: 44.1 kHz(-10%) to 48 kHz (+6%)
Signal DelayLess than 2.5 ms at fs = 44.1 kHz, CH INPUT to ST OUT
Fader15 x 60 mm motorized
Fader Resolution0 to -72, -infinity dB (128 steps, 60 mm) master faders except ST OUT; +6 to -72, -infinity dB (128 steps, 60 mm) other faders; 0 to -96, - infinity dB (128 steps, 60 mm) ST OUT fader
Total Harmonic Distortion (Input Gain = Min.)Less than 0.1% 20 Hz to 20 kHz, at +14 dB into 600 ohm; Less than 0.02% 1 kHz, at + 18 dB into 600 ohm, CH IN to ST OUT
Frequency Response+1, -3 dB 20 Hz to 20 kHz, at +4 dB into 600 ohm
Dynamic Range (maximum level to noise level)110 dB typ. DA converter (ST OUT); 105 dB typ. AD + DA (to ST OUT)
Hum and Noise(20 Hz to 20 kHz) Rs = 150 ohm, Input gain = Max, Input pad=0 dB, Input sensitivity = -60dB; Measured with a 6dB/oct filter at 12.7 kHz; equivalent to a 20kHz filter with an infinite dB/oct attenuation; -128 dB Equivalent input noise; -94 dB Residual output noise, ST OUT, ST OUT off; -94 dB (98 dB S/N) ST OUT, ST fader at nominal level and all CH IN faders at minimum level; -64 dB (68 dB S/N) ST OUT, ST fader at nominal level and one CH IN fader at nominal level
Maximum Voltage Gain70 dB CH IN (CH 1-12) to ST OUT/OMNI (BUS) OUT; 70 dB CH IN (CH 1-12) to OMNI (AUX) OUT (via pre input fader); 36 dB CH IN (CH 13-16) to ST OUT; 76 dB CH IN (CH 1-12) to MONITOR OUT (via ST bus)
Crosstalk (at 1 kHz)-70 dB adjacent input channels (CH 1-12); -60 dB adjacent input channels (CH 13-16); -70 dB input to output
Memory/LibrariesScene:99; EQ: 80(40 preset, 40 user); Effects: 99 (42 preset, 57 user); Dynamics: 80 (40 preset, 40 user)
Analog ControlsINPUT (1-12): PAD (0/26), GAIN (-16 to -60), PHANTOM + 48 V switch (simultaneously supplied to CH 1-6, 7-12); INPUT (13-14): GAIN (+10 to - 20); INPUT (15-16): GAIN (+10 to -20), INPUT SELECT (15-16, 2TR IN); OUTPUT: MONITOR SELECT (2TR IN, MONITOR), MONITOR LEVEL CONTROL, PHONES LEVEL CONTROL
Digital Section ON and SEL KeysCH 1-12, CH 13-14, CH 15-16, STEREO/MASTER (AUX 1-4, EFFECT 1-2), RETURN 1,2
Digital FADERSCH 1-12, CH 13-14, CH 15-16, STEREO/MASTER (AUX 1-4, EFFECT 1,2)
Digital SOLO KeysCH 1-12, CH 13-14, CH 15-16, RETURN 1,2
Digital DATA ENTRY ENCODER KeysPARAMETER (24 detents/rotation); +1/INC, -1/DEC, ENTER (push to fix parameter)
DisplayLCD: 320 x 80 dots, Graphic LCD w/backlight and contrast control pot; LEDs: ST OUT meter, 12 elements x 2, SOLO mode LED
Power RequirementsUSA and Canada: 120 V AC, 60 Hz; European: 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Power Consumption70 W
Dimensions ( W x H x D)430 x 148 x 520 mm (16.9" x 5.8" x 20.4")
Weight12.5 kg (27.5 lbs)
Security CoverFour M3 fixing holes for user-made cover

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