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Roland S760


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Roland S760

Category:  Products / samplers / roland samplers

Added: 22-Apr-99  |  Author: admin

New price: n/a  |   S/H price: £300 ish

Roland S760

This review is written by HORIZONS - ignore the tag at the top - i posted it only - (kilo)

Thought i should open another thread for this one. i bought an s760 2 years ago because my brother loves them. i've said this before, but he scores films in l.a. and uses 12 of them along with 4 emu e4's. my brother usually knows his shit, so i didn't even try out any other brands. that said, i've never used another sampler, so i really am unfamiliar with other manufacturer's architecture and structure. a lot of people complain about the s760's setup of performance, patch, partial, and sample, but i've always found this to be logical and pretty easy to use once you get around it for a bit. there are a few shortcuts that allow for really quick sampling and assigning of patches. it's got great lfo's, filters, timestretching, splice, cut and paste, normalize, truncate, and looping features, 24 voice polyphony, and is expandable to 32mb with simms. it's a 1u rackmount, 16 part multitimbral, 16 bit and i think it uses 20 bit a/d convertors (don't quote me on that). the option board gives you video/rgb out for use with a monitor or tv, as well as digital/ s/pdif i/o and a mouse/controller connection. this board really opens up the editing possibilities if you use a monitor, mouse, and rc100 controller. navigating through the menus becomes so much quicker and the latest software adds some better layout features once you have the board installed. as for sampling, now that i've gotten the hang of it, i can usually sample audio, loop it, truncate it, and assign it to a key in about 45 secs. this is where those few shortcuts come into play. use can begin the sampling process from any of the modes- performance, patch, partial, or sample. i guess i should explain what each of these are. a sample is the main building block- recorded audio. 4 samples can be layered together into a partial, 88 partials can be assigned to a patch (one per key for the entire keyboard) and then 32 patches can be used in a performance on 16 midi channels. patches can be layered and output on the same midi channel. whew.

so enter performance sampling, name a patch, sample your audio, assign it to a key, and the sampler makes the partial and patch for you. say you want to multi sample a piano or something- name a patch, sample a c1, assign it to c1 in the patch, sample a d1, assign it to d1. it really is almost as quick as that...

i know it's a bit hard to understand my explanations, but all i can say it that it's a great machine. it's never crashed on me. it sounds great, gives you a lot of control over your setup, and is a breeze to use once you get used to it. the polyphony and ram is a bit low now compared to what's out on the market, but for the price and features, i'll never regret using it. i am looking at either the a3000 or e4 for my next machine, but i'll always hold onto the s760.

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Product:  Roland - S760
Name: horizens
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: part-timer
Date: 05-Aug-99

just for the lack of comments. i still love this box.

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Product:  Roland - S760
Name: tau
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Hobby-ist
Date: 22-May-00

I got mine for a total steal $550 maxxed with a moniter and syquest drive mint with all boxes and manual. I see them go on ebay with less for $1500 or more. Well first off, them manual sucks, it is totally worthless. With the moniter this machine is wounderful, east to use quick to sample, etc, as soon as you can figure it all out. Horizons helped me alot getting the filters controllable and getting my zip working with it. The poly lacks a little bit (24) I really could use at very least 32, preferably 64, but oh well. The machine's strongest point is its sound, the filters sound awesome, and there is next to no noise, very crisp.

If I cam across another one for that price I would definetly get it.

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Product:  Roland - S760
Name: sean
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Professional
Date: 06-Feb-02

Where is a good place to get cheap s760 samples.?

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'Roland S760'

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