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Roland SMPU-AT


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Roland SMPU-AT

Category:  Products / audio interfaces / soundcards (analog, adat, s/pdif)

Added: 16-Mar-00  |  Author: admin

New price: Originally $245 now discontinued  |   S/H price: 30-70

Roland SMPU-AT

The Roland SMPU-AT is a simple two in and two out midi interface that came as a plugin ISA card and a breakoutbox. The breakout box attaches to the ISA card with a cord that is approximately one meter long. The box itself is about the size of a walkman. What this means is that you can place it a bit away from you PC which is good, but you cant rackmount it unless you make some custom design of your own. The use of an ISA interface which means that you need a motherboard that accepts that old type of plugin cards, most new P3 and athlon motherboards don't. Be sure to check your motherboard before you get one of these cards. Then comes the ugly part of it all. This card is pre plug and play which means that you have to set irq and dma for the card using dip switches on the back of the card. This is a hassle since many new motherboards needs you to reserve resources in the windows settings to avoid collisions with other units. But when you get it all working the Roland SMPU-AT is a solid unit that workes good and gives you two separate drivers for both in and out in your midiprogram. Since the unit is discontinued there seldom comes any new drivers for it, but the ones that exists are still up on the roland websites so support is decent.

If you are not afraid of ISA card installation and need two in and two out you might find this card for no money at all in the second hand. But of course, if you save some cash you can get one of those new USB midi interfaces and skip all the hassle.

Easy of use: 4/10
Build Quality: 9/10
Support: 5/10

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'Roland SMPU-AT'

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Looking for the manual? - Check this page above under the heading: 'Product manual or files' - We might have it!

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