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Akai S1100


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Akai S1100

Category:  Products / samplers / akai samplers

Added: 09-May-99  |  Author: admin

New price: n/a  |   S/H price: 600 ish

Akai S1100

1992, the S1100 stepped it up to date from the older S1000, with 24 bit internal processing, SCSI as standard, a digital effects board, an AES/EBU digital output, a SMPTE interface, direct to h/d recording etc etc.. (see chart)..

Both the 1100 & the 1000 became a hit unit used by countless studio's and artists... reliable samplers with good versatility & tons of Cd-roms & samples available via Akai & 3rd party sound designers... Superceded by the Later 3000 Units and then the newer simms based Akai's (3000xl,32000xl,2000,01) - the S1000/1100 are going for a song now, and are worth a look AS LONG AS THE MEMORY IS FULLY EXPANDED....or there is enuff memory on-board for your needs.... The sample-ram boards are still available, but they are like 300 quid in England.... 8 poly outs & stereo in/out on balanced XLR's or 1/4" unbalanced - a good solid pro sampler of it's age still well relevant........

S-1100 spec's

Sampling System 16 bit linear
Sampling Rates 44.1 kHz / 22.05 kHz
Memory 2 MB (standard) / 32 MB (expanded)
Polyphony 16
Maximum Samples 200
Maximum Programs 100
Filters Digital moving low-pass filter (-18 dB/octave)
Envelope Generators 2 ADSR
LFOs dunno ??
Hard Disk Recording Hardware upgrade (optional)
Effects Available
Display Back-lit 40 x 8 characters (640 x 240 dots)
Help Pages Not available
Storage Devices 3.5-inch 2HD/2DD floppy disk
Standard Inputs XLR (balanced) x 2, 1/4-inch phone jack (balanced) x 2
Standard Outputs 1/4-inch phone jack (unbalanced) x 2
Assignable Outputs 1/4-inch phone jack (unbalanced) x 8
Effect Send 1/4-inch phone jack (unbalanced) x 1
Headphones 1/4-inch stereo phone jack x 1
Footswitch 1/4-inch phone jack x 1
MIDI IN x 1, OUT x 1, THRU x 1
SCSI yup - standard
AES/EBU Digital In/Out XLR (RS-422 level) x 1 (optional with IB-104 interface)
SMPTE Reader/Generator 1/4-inch phone jack (balanced) x 2

So - the S1100 - bigger grown up sister of the S1000.... Comments please....

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User Comments

Product:  Akai - S1100
Name: David
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: Professional
Date: 29-Aug-03

AKAI S series are probably something you can still hear on any radio station quite often. The secret of their success,I reckon,is not the way they sound.
Converters sound cheap and that very audible loss of efficency in the lower frequency range certainly doesn't help.
Great operating system and lovely chassy, it's a military tank always ready to rock.
Doesit make sense the term "vintage" when it comes to digital?
Someone told me even that, I couldn't believe it...it's a lovely and reliable
machine, it's like a hit song born to match everybody's taste, but please, don't talk about quality.
I have two !!!

Product rating out of 5: 

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Product:  Akai - S1100
Name: Mazeone
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: part-timer
Date: 22-Apr-08

I love the s1100! Great converters, great dsp.An all around workhorse.Way better than the newer crap out today.Samples sound thick and "fuzzy-ish" ,......haha............Don't sleep!

Product rating out of 5: 

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Last added comment

Product:  Akai - S1100
Name: Jonathan
Email: Email supplied but hidden
Activity: part-timer
Date: 05-Jul-12

i just bought an mpc 2000 it came wit the boot disk but no pramgormed sounds i have midi cables and rec cables i cant seem to get my comp to sync wit the midi or my record in to record if any 1 has advice i would appriciate any positive feed back socoolwitit@ gmail.com

Product rating out of 5: 

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'Akai S1100'

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